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Breaking The Ice

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Venuescaper’s Guide. We sure are excited!

Allow us to break the ice and introduce ourselves and what we do. We are a bunch of friends who sat down one day and asked ourselves, ‘Where do we see our lives in 20 years?’ Much to our amusement and our advantage (phew!) that one question led us to the conception of our baby, Venuescape Events. We are a Malaysian based Events Management team who specializes in finding you the right venue for your event. Not only can we plan, manage and execute your event for you, consider us your subject matter experts when it comes to searching for the right venue for your event. We try our best to provide everyone with the easiest way to browse through venues and really get to know and have a feel of a place for your dream event with Venuescape.  Browse through many different venues and once you’ve seen your dream venue, send us a quote request and let us handle it for you thereafter.

We are passionately driven to deliver the most memorable events while creating the fondest of memories for our clients! We believe in happily ever after and just like the fairy tail dream, we strive to provide each and every one of our clients just that, their dream event in their dream venue. From inception to execution, Venuescape has the complete package, whatever the event may be!

The Venuescaper’s Guide will feature interesting articles on venues, event planning, event ideas and well, anything events related! We hope this guide helps you in many ways! We serve to introduce you to a myriad of venues around Malaysia (some hidden gems included) that may be suitable for your events. Our dedicated team hunts for new venues on a daily basis and boy oh boy, do we have some beautiful spaces to share with you.

Do follow us to discover great venues, event ideas, our experiences and get to know us! We appreciate feedback and more importantly, we appreciate you! We would love to get to know you, let us know your thoughts, share with us your experiences and we hope our blog is rich in information for you! You may leave us a comment right here or check out our facebook page at Venuescape Events. Alternatively, drop us an email at request@venuescape.my or call us at  +6016-7200 347. Ciao!

Happy Browsing!

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