From Inception To Execution: This Is How We Do It


To usher in our New Year, we at Venuescape Events got busy with Menarini’s Gala Dinner at Cristallo. Cristallo di Luna is located on the 34th floor in Pacific Regency, Kuala Lumpur. While Luna Bar offers the whole bar and lounge feel, Cristallo is a non smoking, elegant dining area with modern furnishings, beautiful chandeliers and a floor to ceiling glass window overlooking the breathtaking view of our beloved KL city.

We approached Menarini with our proposal for their Gala Dinner and to our advantage, they agreed to give us a shot! Hooray! We proposed to break the stereotype by suggesting a venue like Cristallo di Luna. The reason behind it? Simple. We felt that with a crowd of 120 pax, we could suggest a venue which provided good food and privacy for the intimate event to take place.

We take our jobs as venue specialists very seriously and when we have to do our homework, we do it thoroughly. When we stepped into Cristallo di Luna, it screamed elegance and fell right into place with Menarini’s Glamourous & Socialite theme. Here’s how we planned and executed this event!

#1 First thing on the list to planning the event, secure the right venue! Venue? Check.


#2 Next up, we needed to secure a good MC who would be able to keep the crowd excited and get the crowd moving when it was time to PARTY. Greg Ramanado, a 28 year old from Petaling Jaya topped our list. Greg who is also a talented musician belted out some tunes while engaging with the crowd by keeping them on their toes throughout the night. MC? Check.

#3 After a hectic few days of team building activities for Menarini, we wanted each and every employee to let loose and have a good time. Therefore, we needed to add a little ‘ooomph’ to their programme! So, for entertainment, we hired one of Malaysia’s best street magicians, Moudini.


He was all kinds of magic, he was so FULL of magic, he made the CEO of Menarini appear in a flaming fire pit. HOW, you ask? We wish we knew! But what we do know though, it was one heckuva fiery entry! It was so hot it was cool!


#4 Next, we hired professional photographers to keep snapping away as the finest ladies and bravest gentlemen of Menarini adorned in their best dresses and dapper suits raced to fame for their gala dinner.


#5 It was dinner time, and hats off to the chef of Cristallo for a fantastic spread that kept everyone going back for a second round.

# 6 With filled tummies, happy bellies and smiley faces, it was time to party on with games, dancing and well… 😉


From inception to execution, this is how we did it! We hope they had as much fun as we did planning and executing their gala dinner! Engage us for free and check out our venue selection at Venuescape. Laters!

Your Vision, Our Innovation, Flawless Execution!

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