How To Execute Your Romantic Rustic-Themed Wedding

The idea of having a rustic-themed wedding has taken the online world by storm and is fast becoming one of the most popular wedding themes. Isn’t it odd how 21st-century tech-savvy brides are craving to have vintage bicycles, briefcases and possibly haystacks as their wedding decors? It’s like we’re travelling back in time and reliving posh wedding ceremonies in the olden days.

These hipster weddings appear effortlessly in front of our eyes as we bask ourselves in the rustic vibe that is echoed throughout the wedding reception. We hate to break it to you but the amount of effort and time that goes into making your dream wedding a reality can be huge. How does a bride juggle between handling their demanding day time job while planning for their wedding?

Follow the Venuescaper‘s Guide for an easy execution of your dream wedding.


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Step 1 – Have an inspiration board
The earlier you think and dream about your ideal wedding, the easier it gets. As you pin more ideas down onto your board, you’d soon realize a recurring style that you’re leaning towards. Edit your board as you go along and narrow it down to a specific style you fancy. Be it a having a glamorous edge, floral touch or a more hipster and young vibe.

PS: Pinning things on Pinterest or Tumblr works just the same for tech-savvy brides!


Step 2 – Choose your venue
Start venue scouting early to allow yourself ample preparation time. The more resemblance a venue has to the vibe you are looking for, the fewer decorations needed to prepare. This gives you more monetary allowance to fine tune the smaller details that will add character to your wedding! A plus point would be for venues that have existing vintage decors that suits your style. This applies to spaces which have the vibe you’re looking for but they don’t advertise their space for wedding purposes. Always ask if they’re open to the idea of a wedding ceremony to be held at their space. Sometimes you might just be in luck and score yourself a unique venue! Or get in touch with us at Venuescape and we will source the best venue for you.

PS: We suggest you have a look at Base 26 if you’re looking for a venue in the Klang Valley!


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Step 3 -Decide on a colour scheme
Pick a colour that both you and your fiance can agree upon. Remember, this day is as significant to him as it is to you. If you have no idea on what colour scheme you’d like, go back to square one, your inspiration board. Sleep on it and revisit your inspiration board every now and then before coming to a mutual conclusion. An important note to make when deciding on a colour scheme is, choose neutral and pastel colours to create a romantic vibe that suits the rustic theme.


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Step 4 – Preparing your decorative items
This might just be the most important thing on the day itself, besides the presence of the bride and the groom! Now, because this is the main focal point that makes or breaks your themed wedding, you might want to break it up into a few categories to ensure you don’t miss out an important element.

Consider breaking it into 3 categories below:

1. Lightings
This is one of the most important details that sets the tone of your wedding. Decide on whether you’d like to have fairy lights or glowing lanterns dangling from above. Think about this early and you’d be able to start preparing your glass or paper lanterns the DIY style.


2. Tablescape
After deciding on your theme, think about how you’d like your table setting to be and decor pieces you’d like to have. Be it an elaborate floral centrepiece or intricate and quirky items ranging from glass jars to birdcage or even photo frames.

3. Miscellaneous details
This is for all the small details that are as important as the rest. Consider feature decor pieces you’d like to have. Think about a vintage bicycle, tricycle, carriage or briefcases. List down the items you’d need to get and start sourcing them early. It would be a bonus if your old folks have a few vintage items lying around the house. Get their approval and save your cost!

Once you’ve checked all the items above, you’d be sure to have the romantic-rustic themed wedding you’ve been dreaming of. If you need a helping hand, get in touch with us here or contact us at +6016-720 0347. Save yourself the stress while we plan and execute your wedding for you!



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