Drum Asia – Play, Practice, Perform

Imagine a space, in all its raw form, making available all that is necessary to keep music alive and grounded. An avenue for musicians to just be themselves and make music come forth. Such a place is, Drum Asia. True to its nature, it has been slowly setting itself apart for rookies, amateurs, upcoming and even professional musicians.

Adopting the tagline, Play, Practice, Perform, Drum Asia seeks to provide and support all that it can to musicians and the like, particularly those coming up with newer material and tunes. Set into four glorifying musical aspects – a studio, retail area, a stage and rentals, this venue is any aspiring musicians’ dream come true.

  • Private studio


This is where Beyoncé goes to practice. Alright, we’re joking, but it might as well be because this studio does not lack anything a musician needs and certainly looks the part. Completely soundproof, the studio is fitted with any kind of equipment to record, mix and play music. It sees musicians from all genres of life come here to write songs, play them, rewrite and practice, practice, practice.

  • Live stage



What is attractive about this area is that bands get to perform, live, to an audience. Yes, this can happen anywhere and what else is new, but do hear us out. This area comes with full sets of any kind of equipment needed for use – amplifiers, drum sets, cymbals in every imaginable size, numerous microphones, keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars etc. Staffs at hand to help, backlight and sound are available as well if needed – all at a very affordable rate. They also have options for bands to charge for tickets and market their shows.  All these and more are primarily so that bands can get the better end of a deal.

Moreover, this space is perfect for small gatherings as outside catering and alcohol are allowed. It has been used for album launches, video shoots, live gigs, recitals and even a press conference!

  • Equipment rentals


One common dilemma when a band is involved is the provision of equipment. When a band is enlisted to play at an event, there is always the matter of the availability of equipment whether provided by the venue, the band or the customer. Recognizing this matter, Drum Asia allows rentals of all its equipment along with transportation, labor, and setup. Not only that, they have sound and lighting for rent as well.

  • Retail area



To complement the other operations, this retail area showcases impressive second-hand equipment and its many accessories, all for sale. So, if you or somebody you know has a pre-loved musical item they wish to sell, this is the place for it to be displayed. It will definitely be very well taken care of.

Being part of the solution


When Drum Asia was first thought of, the vision behind it was to provide an affordable yet convenient space for bands or musicians to do what they need to do, to their hearts content. It can get quite unaffordable for both bands to perform outside and for people to hire them once everything is factored in – rent of equipment, transportation of equipment, individual band member fees etc.


Moreover, the usual spots that bands essentially frequent are pubs or lounges, where the music is dictated by the venue and certainly not very family-friendly. This is another thing the team at Drum Asia emphasizes – that bands and gigs can be a family activity. They earnestly encourage children and older parents to be brought along here so that gigs and appreciating bands are not confined to one type of demography only.

Hence, bridging the gap for bands and suitable spaces, as well as appreciating them is what Drum Asia is all about. Besides bands, companies like Teach for Malaysia, Jumpstreet, The Guitar Store, music schools and so many more have engaged its various spaces for all their musical needs.

Seated capacity: 70 pax

Standing capacity: 120 pax

Located at Desa Sri Hartamas, Drum Asia has exciting new things happening this year. Take a virtual walkthrough of Drum Asia here:

Check out the video below for a clearer view of Drum Asia.

If you would like to book Drum Asia for your next gig or event , click here or contact us at +6016 7200 347.

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