7 Bungalows Which Double-Up As Venues For Events

One of the best things about looking for a venue for an event is the diversified options made available to us. We usually stick to the norm by searching for a hotel ballroom or a restaurant. However, nowadays there are many event spaces apart from ballrooms and restaurants that specifically cater for events. As we at Venuescape continue our journey in search of some cool, new, different and refreshing venues, we came across many bungalows that double up as event spaces. Jump on the bandwagon with us and check out our list of bungalows and houses which double up as event spaces, to host your next event in the Klang Valley and Penang!


1. Rendezvous Garden

This double-storey bungalow in Section 17, Petaling Jaya provides a huge space for events. You may utilize the indoor area as well as the outdoor area depending on the type of event you’re having. The indoor area provides a very homely feel while the huge outdoor area is ideal for outdoor cocktail parties and social gatherings. Rendezvous Garden also has a private room which specifically caters for focus group discussions, workshops as well as talks and seminars.





The Venue Wow: Their huge outdoor area. They might even allow you to bring your pets along so long as you clean up after your furry friends.

Suitable for: Focus Group Discussions, Workshops, Seminars, Corporate Functions and Events, Product Launches, Private Parties, Cocktail-style Events, Social Gatherings and Engagement Parties.

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2. Glasshouse at Seputeh

Here is 2016’s hottest event space which is selling like hotcakes! One of the most sought-after venue in town, Glasshouse located at Seputeh is a spacious multipurpose event space which offers guest an indoor garden and the freedom to create magic with the space provided. Having indoor trees within the compound guarantees your event to exude class and elegance during the night when draped with fairy lights, let’s not forget it would also look dreamy – like a page torn straight out of a fairytale storybook!





The Venue Wow: The indoor space with actual trees and garden feel. Their floor to ceiling glass panelling as well as versatile floor plans to ensure comfortable seating.

Suitable for: Weddings, Kids Parties, ROMs, Akad Nikah and Aqiqah, Product Launches, Press Conferences, Birthdays, Media Launches.

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PS: Visit here, to have a virtual walk-through of the venue.

3. K’Seena House

Here’s an antique house on our list. K’Seena House is a 100-year-old Malay house located in Kuang. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind traditional house on stilts, here is one which would not disappoint. Their distinct and unique venue will catch your attention once you arrive at the location. This well preserved Rumah Melayu is surrounded by lush greenery, perfect for outdoor events and al-fresco dining.





The Venue Wow: The house itself is the main attraction, providing individuals with a unique experience coupled with that nostalgic feel, the good kampung days. Their huge outdoor area provides you with ample space for outdoor activities, just like how it would have been during the olden times!

Suitable for: Weddings, ROMs, Akad Nikah, Aqiqah, Product Launches, Media Launches, Press Conference, Birthdays.

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4. The Woods Villa

As the name suggest, The Woods Villa incorporates a cozy wooden feel as you enter the house, providing you a taste of Bali (well, almost!). This is an intimate space which comes with 3 bedrooms, suitable for small-scale celebrations. Did we mention, The Woods Villa comes with an indoor pool?! Perfect for all types of celebrations!





The Venue Wow: Their indoor pool. Although the picture does not do it any justice, believe us it is much bigger and dreamier! The bungalow also comes with a spacious kitchen area and living space apart from having 3 bedrooms for guests.

Suitable for: Birthdays, Weddings, Engagement Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, ROMs, Product Launches, Media Launches and of course a Staycation!

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5. Passion 3 Space

Better know as a research center, Passion 3 Space has the potential to double up as an event space as this 3-story modern bungalow has the ability to cater to a range of events. Easily mistaken as an individual’s personal residence, Passion 3 is a well-equipped bungalow which comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a mini outdoor terrace. Trust us when we say, ANY type of event is possible in this bungalow!





The Venue Wow: Their impressive versatile space is worthy of mentioning! Their modern and spacious interior is perfect for any type of events.

Suitable For: Seminars, Corporate Meetings, Workshops, Brainstorming, Cocktail Part, Social Gathering, Networking, Engagement Party, Team Building, Video/Photo Shoot, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower and the list goes on!

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6. Chymes Hotel in Penang

Here’s a bungalow in Penang which caught our attention. Chymes is a boutique hotel which is designed to give travelers the feeling of living in the comfort of a home whilst on holiday. All 6 rooms in Chymes are tastefully decorated with individual themes, you’re in for a surprise when you book this bungalow for a stay! With their spacious outdoor area, it presents an array of opportunities for events to be held here. Not forgetting, the beach is a short walk away.





The Venue Wow: Their themed bedrooms! All rooms are not only tastefully decorated, but it also comes with an ensuite bathroom AND a rainshower. This bungalow also comes with a huge outdoor space.

Suitable For: Birthdays, Weddings, ROMs, Team Building, Corporate Events, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Product Launches, Anniversaries, BBQ Parties and Staycations.

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7. Blue Mansion in Penang 

This venue requires no introduction to all Penangites. For the rest of you, this is an impressive venue which was nominated as ‘One of the Top 10 Greatest Mansions in the World’ by Lonely Planet. Distinct in its colour, this bungalow is a well maintained cultural heritage as it combines Eastern and Western designs. Having ample backyard space, this bungalow affords you an endless opportunity for events to be held.





The Venue Wow: Its architecture is impressive enough to blow your minds, you wouldn’t believe that it was built in the 1800s!

Suitable For: Weddings, ROMs, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Social Gatherings and Staycations.

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There you have it, folks! We hope you found what you’re looking for, or else, head on to Venuescape or get in touch with us at +6012-727 3984 for more venue recommendations. Do contribute to the list if you know of similar venues as we love to hear from you and thanks for your help in advance!

PS- Do share it with your friends if you like. Or don’t. It’s entirely up to you…you know you have the freedom to pass on the opportunity 😛

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