Embracing Creativity At The Studio At KL

Have you ever thought about having your birthday party in an art studio? What about having a team-building or cocktail party in an art studio? Contrary to popular belief, an art studio presents to you an array of exciting opportunities for events apart from Art Jamming and painting. Take it from us, if you dare to be different, you are in for a treat at The Studio at KL, Nexus Bangsar South. If there’s one thing we are sure about, it is the conducive and absolute Zen environment that The Studio at KL offers, instantly making you feel at ease when you step into The Studio at KL.



Here’s an exciting bit which most of us are unaware of, art studios and art galleries are not synonymous. While art galleries are formal spaces for displaying artworks, art studios are versatile creative spaces meant for casual use. The conducive environment in The Studio at KL is meant for individuals to relax, gain inspiration and get imaginative, tapping into the artsy-fartsy side which is usually suppressed. Believe it or not, 95% of individuals who put down their brushes in school will never paint again. Sadly, most people are under the impression that painting is for professional artists and little children. Being the pioneers of Art Jamming in Malaysia, The Studio at KL aims to continue inspiring more adults and young adults alike to lift up a paint brush and get working on their creative side.

‘Can we actually have an event in an art studio?’ You along with many other people might be wondering. The Studio at KL’s creative space at the back is a great option as its open layout is designed to cater for events. While it ideally should tie back to a general artsy theme, they are open to renting out their space for events which are not art-related, all for the hope of encouraging individuals to draw inspiration and use their imagination when in a creative environment. Drawing on a concept popular in Hong Kong, the team behind The Studio at KL brought the artistic concept here to Malaysia, hoping to replicate it on a larger scale and instilling the love of art into fellow Malaysians, educating people to understand that this is and can be a lifestyle option in Malaysia.


While The Studio at KL is already a popular option for children birthday parties and bridal showers, its lesser known training and team building programmes for the corporate world is gaining a lot of attention. Being the Home of Art Jamming in Malaysia, The Studio at KL is ready to take up the challenge to incorporate art into the formal corporate sector of society.

For a one-of-a-kind team building activity, The Studio at KL offers a fresh and unique experience which is guaranteed to bring people together. “Arthinks” is an optimum training programme by The Studio at KL, using art equipment and your imagination, they try to tap into problem solving and creative solution skills where individuals from all walks of life can put into practice. In the workplace, these skills and techniques can be applied to problem-solving and working together to find a solution. In terms of implicit skills concept, there is an option to develop these using painting and art – especially in The Studio at KL’s creative space.  If there is one thing you should take home after being in this creative space it would be to use your imagination and be creative when dealing with problems. As clichéd as that sounds, the skills used to solve a problem is considered to be more important than the final product.




While outdoor training and team building activities are a great option, what The Studio at KL offers adds on and complements those activities. The plus point? Employees will have something to take back as the art piece created is tangible and can be displayed in the office as a successful team building exercise.

If you’re still sceptical about having an event in an art studio, let us convince you that it is beyond a conducive and well-equipped environment. Say you want to have a corporate function here in an art studio, fret not about the amenities as they have everything you would possibly need. Planning for a networking event? They have a flexible space, leaving it to you to decide how you’d like it to flow. What about a workshop or seminar? Not to worry as they have full AV equipment, projector screen, LCD screen, sound system, wired and wireless mics as well as the basic chairs and tables. Corporate giants who previously had their events in The Studio at KL include Shell, Royal Canin and Property Guru.



Jonny and Jennifer, the force behind The Studio at KL used to conduct Art Jamming sessions in their studio space back in Hong Kong. Upon noticing there was a demand for it as a lifestyle option which attracts young urban individuals, they realised it was time to bring this innovative option into KL. Seeing how KL has now developed and progressed over the years, they know that KLites are prepared and ready to embrace this artistic lifestyle.

Jonny and Jennifer first brought the concept down to Malaysia in 2011 and opened their pioneering space in Publika for art jamming sessions and art classes for both children and adults. Seeing as to how the demand for having events in an art studio grew, they decided to have a second branch in Nexus Bangsar to better cater for events in terms of the size, layout and capacity of the venue. With more hipster cafes mushrooming in Klang Valley and a wider variety of artistic festivals being celebrated over the recent years, it is timely to nurture Malaysian’s artistic talent.

Check out the video below for a clearer view of The Studio at KL or if you would like to virtually take a walk through, you may do so here:

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