Here’s A Guide On Throwing A Baby Shower For Your Best Friend

Is your best friend about to pop but you are clueless on how to quickly and discreetly plan a baby shower ? When is the best time? What are the best gifts to get? Who should or should not be invited? Fret not, take a deep breath and spare us 10 minutes of your time. Let us guide you through on how to throw the perfect baby shower for your best friend!

#1 – Set an agreeable date. 

While a baby shower can be thrown any time during the pregnancy, it is ideal that the expecting mum is between her second and third trimester of her pregnancy. Reason being, it is a safer estimate that all is going well during her pregnancy and also a smaller chance of her having a miscarriage. If you’re still unsure when would be a good time, we suggest the last two months before her expected due date would be ideal! Also, remember to pick a date which is most convenient to all – ideally on weekends when all parties are off work and other commitments.

#2 – Decide on who to invite.

Come up with a guest list and take into account who is considered important to your best friend. Since you’re her best friend, you should know at the top of your head who her other close friends are! One important point to note is, you might want to take into consideration whether or not she wants her family around. Is it an intimate affair among friends or an extravagant one including family members? Remember to consult the mum-to-be, nothing is worse than excluding guests who are considered important to her!


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#3 – Set a budget.

Decide on how much you’re willing to spend on your best friends and who else is contributing towards the cost of it. Take it as a guide to avoid over-spending and not a notion of being stingy. Take into account the amount of people who are showing up and be realistic about how much to allocate. The last thing you would want is a tight budget which forces you to cut corners on your best friend’s special day.

Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind when coming up with a budget: Number of pax, decorations, food and beverages, cake, gifts, games and venue price.

#4 – Scout for a location.

Ideally, the party should be held in the comfort of the expecting mum’s house for her convenience. But, it’s not fair for her to have to worry about cleaning up before everyone arrives and after they’ve gone. You might want to consider having it in a café or a private space. Let us share with you some tips when it comes to venue scouting, after all we’re venue experts (or so we think)!


Tip 1: Know your budget and how much you’re willing to spend.
Tip 2: Take into consideration how mobile the expecting mum is. A venue which has staircase might be inconvenient depending on how severe her back aches are and how fatigue she feels.
Tip 3: How private do you want the event to be? If you’re all about privacy and exclusivity, you might need to forgo restaurants and cafes or at least request for private rooms! Another alternative is renting an event space or private estate.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of venues for you to consider. Read more about it, here!

#5 – Decide on a theme.

Find out the gender of the baby and come up with a theme. While pastel colours are the go-to colours when it comes to a baby shower, don’t be afraid to jazz it up and put a spin on it depending on the mum’s likings. Say, she loves musical, go for a Beauty and the Beast or Lion King theme depending on what’s her favourite! If the gender is kept as a surprise, go for a gender neutral theme like shades of red or green. Think of a forest or Alice and Wonderland theme – whimsical, cute and mysterious like the gender!


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#6 – Come up with an agenda.

Think about how you want the event to flow. Does it include having a video/picture montage? What type of games do you want to include? Is food served buffet or banquet style? Is there a speech? Plan ahead to prevent yourself from being overly disorganised on the actual day. After all, you should also be enjoying yourself alongside your best friend on this special day!

#7 – Divide the task among other girlfriends.

If you’re handling this on your own, we wish you good luck and all the best in handling it! 😛 Think about splitting the task up with other girlfriends and each taking charge of different tasks. One can be in charge of the guest list and coordinating the invitations, another one can be in charge of the decoration and nitty-gritty details which sometimes get overlooked and somebody else can handle the food and beverages.

Now here’s bonus information which you may want to know. Even if you don’t, we’ll tell you anyway!

What should you buy for the expecting mum?

If it is her first born, she would have a long list of things to buy for her baby. The best thing is to get her practical items which she can save cost on! Check with her and find out what has she gotten and left out, things like baby’s clothing, diaper bag, baby carrier, towel and bathing gel make good and useful gifts! Alternatively, gift vouchers are also useful and practical solutions which first-time mothers would appreciate.


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What type of games are usually played during a baby shower?

This is really up to you to decide. Games are not necessary to be played during baby showers, but if you do wish to have some, consider how mobile the mum is. You don’t want to put her in any risk of harming the bun which is baking in the oven! While we’re not experts about baby shower games, we sure know a few which would be challenging.

  1. Don’t say baby! – The rule of the game is to not mention the word baby throughout the entire event. You may keep track of the scores manually or start off with a fixed number of diapers pin per person. The person who manages to hold their tongue will win a gift at the end of the day.
  2. Guess mummy’s waistline – It’s never a good idea to speak about women’s waistlines in public, or at all! But hey, pregnancy happens once in a lifetime and might as well take advantage of this and speak about this taboo topic. Have a measuring tape ready and get everyone to make a guess what’s mummy’s waistline. The closest one will win a gift.
  3. The price is right – This is most suitable if your best friend is the first among all your girlfriends to get pregnant. Prepare a few baby items and let the rest make a guess what the price is. Surprise everyone by how expensive baby items can be once it comes to the reveal of the actual price 😛 Naturally, the person with the closest guess will win a prize as well.


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And that’s how you plan your best friend’s baby shower! We hope this served as a helpful or entertaining guide for those of you reading this. If you have any suggestions of what topic you’d like us to cover next, drop us a comment below and we will come up with something creative.

If you need a hand in planning an event, let us handle it for you. Head over to Venuescape for an extensive list of beautiful and unique venues or contact us directly at +6016-7200 347 for immediate assistance.

Have a good one!




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