Classy Venues in Penang for 50th Birthday Parties

Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs! This time round, we at Venuescape bring you classy venues in Penang to celebrate the big 5-0! Now, we can all agree that our golden ones deserve a grand celebration for teaching us their wisdom. Whether it is your grandma or grandpa, mom or dad, the favourite uncle of aunty, they would definitely want to be spoilt as well! So we present you the top 5 :

1. Deluxcious



This is such a beautiful and elegant place! The building itself exudes such class. Settled in the outskirts of town, Deluxcious has an amazing courtyard perfect for a 50th Birthday celebration! Just add on some fairy lights and balloons and it screams perfect!

Capacity : 100 (seated)

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2. Farquhar Mansion



Okay, how can anyone resist this exquisite building! It’s absolutely breath taking from the inside out. This is quintessential for your lovely grandma, who deserves to be treated like a queen! Plus, you can never go wrong with fine dining.

Capacity : 100 (seated)

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3. The Chambers Restaurant



Haven’t heard of this? Oh my goodness, it is THE place to celebrate a 50th birthday! Family and friends can dine at the restaurant then head off to the rooftop to enjoy the spectacular view and chit chat later on! You know what they say when your eyes have to feast as well as your stomach!

Capacity : 50 (seated)

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4. Macalister Mansion



Well, how can we ever forget about Macalister Mansion? Whether you wish to host a High-Tea 50th Birthday Party or Fine Dining 50th Birthday Party – you can host it here! They have different districts and we dare to suggest that the two best places to celebrate this golden age are Living Room and Dining Room!

Capacity : 80 (seated)

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 Magnifique! That’s a wrap! As always, we at Venuescape hope that you enjoy the post and do share with us your thoughts! If you have any suggestions you can always hit us up on Facebook! Those of you who want to host any event, you can check out our website or call us at +6 016 720 0347 . Till next time!