Let The Colours Of Your Aura Shine

How are you feeling today?  Are you feeling the blues or are you all fired up and ready to start your day? Whatever you’re feeling, you can bring that to live and create your own distinctive atmosphere in The Aura and let the colours of your aura shine through. Located in an up and coming urban neighbourhood of Neo Damansara, The Aura is a hidden gem which is rare and yet to be discovered.

Step into this space and let your mood and personality be the center of attention. If you’re looking for a truly customizable space for your event to speak for itself, The Aura will not disappoint you. This impressive square with an outside garden will surely become your go-to venue when you’re thinking of where to have your next event.


Think of The Aura as a shell.  A shell with no filling and you’re in charge of beautifying it. Change the mood of The Aura to how you would like it to be, be the artist and paint this canvas green if you may! Literally a blank canvas, The Aura presents to you endless opportunities and ample of space to be creative.

The best part about The Aura? There’s no obstruction in this space and you are as free as a bird to transform it as you please. Take it from us, pillars and venues which have been half-heartedly decorated are more of an obstruction than a complement to the event. Pillars and existing furniture are seen as a pain point, and this is especially true when you’re thinking of having a themed party.


Thinking of having a seminar, workshop or training session? The Aura has got you covered as its space comes with complimentary tables and chairs, along with a projector, stage, speaker and microphone. Everything you need for having a conducive session is available and let’s not forget how important it is to take a breather in between intensive discussions. This is where their outdoor garden comes in handy, take a breath outdoors and walk in feeling refreshed and ready to continue conquering the world.


Bring in your own colours and transform this space and let it be tailored to your respective event. If you’d like to have a theme party, you have ample space for décor and letting your theme be the center of attention. If you are looking to host an annual corporate dinner or appreciation night, The Aura can be transformed to suit your theme and preferences. Play around with the lighting and let it set the tone for the event. Add dramatic décor and draping for elegant events or play it cool and leave it bare for a minimalist feel.


If you’re thinking of having a networking session before or after the party, feel free to utilise the outdoor garden area, allowing you to have the complete experience without sacrificing either element. Set up your cocktail tables, serve up some canapes and let your guest mingle around.

Moving along the tangents of corporate functions, media and product launches are also suitable to be held in The Aura. If you have a creative idea waiting to be executed, put your trust in The Aura and you’d be able to see a flawless end result. Within the confine of this square space, brands are free to utilise the space according to their own theme. Its accommodating space is perfect for tailoring it according to the product and brand.


The woman behind The Aura is also the founder of a not for profit social organisation, Women’s Outlet. Her passion for the events industry has inspired her to have an event space of her own. Hoping to contribute more to the women’s community, this is her first step in being more active in the Women’s Outlet. With that in mind, The Aura is rental FREE on Wednesdays for NGOs and Women Communities. She hopes that events held in The Aura would be able to enrich and inspire others.

To get a better idea of The Aura, take a virtual walk-through below and get a feel of the space in the comfort of your home! If you like what you see, request for a FREE quotation here.

If you need a clearer idea of The Aura, watch their video below!


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  • By Sherlyn

    I am interested to look for a space for a working workshop for 30-40pax. interested to view aura and appreciate other recommendations. thanks.

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    • By Venuescape

      Hi Sherlyn, Thank you for reaching out to us. Someone from our team will be dropping you an email with more venue recommendations in the next 24 hours. Do check your junk / mail box as well. Thank you and have a nice day!

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  • By Aimi

    Please guve merate of this hall

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      Hi Aimi, someone from our team will be dropping you an email with The Aura's rates in the next 24 hours. Do check your spam/ junk mail as well! Have a great day ahead!

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  • By Lalitha

    Hi i m looking for function hall for 50 pax.With minumum rent.pls advice.event on 22/04/17

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  • By Sue ann

    Im planning a workshop for 30 pax. Would appreciate if you could provide me more information regarding your venue or if you have other venue to promote ? looking forward to your reply. Thank you

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  • By SALVEen

    Hi there, I am looking for a space for between 70 to 80 pax for birthday party. PREFERABLY indoor. looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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      Hi Salveen, thank you for getting in touch with us. Someone from our team will be in touch with you via e-mail in the next 24-hours with some venue suggestions. Do check your junk/ spam mail as well! Thank you and have a nice day.

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