The 5 Different Kind of Dads We Know and Love

“Every day is Father’s Day or Mother’s Day”

We’ve all heard this phrase ever too often, so if you feel like you have been neglecting your dad lately, it’s never too late to make it up to him. Give him the best Father’s Day ever with The Venuescaper’s Guide for the 5 different kinds of dads we know and love. Which is your dad?


Pretty sure we all have that dad who adores music and has passed on his knowledge to us (thank you, dad!). If this sounds like your father, then you ought to take the big guy to a place with some live music. You may check out our list of live performance venues in KL here and in Penang here, and just maybe there will be an interesting gig to attend with dad. If he enjoys singing as much as he does listening to music, take him to an open mic session instead. If your whole family loves singing, go for a family karaoke session. Just remember to make reservations.

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Okay, if you’re a foodie, we’re pretty sure your dad is one too! It definitely runs in the family and if it does, then you know there’s only one way to celebrate this special day – with lots of food! If he loves French food, Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio has planned a special menu for Father’s day, find out more here. If French food does not tickle his fancy, opt for some authentic Spanish paella at La Cocina in Subang.

If you are in or heading to Penang, we know of so many cafes around that will be ideal, you can check out our recent post here.



Is your dad the kind that has a glass of Whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other? Then you MUST take him to a place that carries only the finest of blends where he can enjoy the finer things in life. We know of a few speakeasies in KL that might be suitable, check out our list here. Or opt to create his very own Gentleman’s Club in the comfort of your own home (provided your mom is totally cool with it, of course).


While there are dads who love to indulge, there are dads who are all about living the healthy life. Our sports Dad deserves a medal (get it?!) as we aren’t talking about normal workout routines, we’re talking about full-on lets-go-hiking kind of dad. Is this sounds like your dad, take him to Broga Hills or something along those lines. We’d recommend bungy jumping in Sunway Lagoon for a thrilling adrenaline rush! 😀


Let’s face it, most dads watch sports and it’s definitely football – is he a Liverpool or MU fan? Who cares, though? For dads who eat, sleep, and live football – (how timely) the Euro’s are currently going on, whip up a delicious meal and be at his beck and call throughout the day – if he wants beer, you get him a beer. If he wants peanuts to munch on, you buy him peanuts. If he wants you to stop distracting him from what could be the most anticipated match ever – DON’T do that. After all, being annoying only goes to show how much you love him! 😛 Be prepared, the game starts at 12am on the 19th and another at 3am. Get the full schedule for the Euro’s here.


That’s a wrap! If you want to surprise him by doing something you love together instead, and let’s say you love art, paint and plan on giving him the most colourful Father’s Day gift ever, head on to The Studio at KL and art jam with daddy this Sunday. You can find out more about it here.

Please do let us know if you enjoyed this post and saved a life or two, haha! Anyway, Happy Father’s Day to all dads from all of us at Venuescape and we wish you a happy weekend!

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