How To Take “Instagrammable” Photos

Welcome back to the Venuescaper’s Guide! Aren’t we all excited for this post? Ever since we were all exposed to the Instagram world, nothing was ever the same. We are constantly looking for that perfect ‘hipster’ picture that will look great on our feed. We know that there are some of you who even carefully select your photos and schedule them. Hey, we’re not judging, we feel you too! So without any further ado, let’s get on with Venuescape’s tips on taking INSTAGRAM WORTHY photographs!

#1 Decent Quality Camera/Phone Camera

Let’s face it; a majority of us cannot live without a good quality camera. We’re sure that we can still be ‘artistic’ with a not so shabby quality camera, but the grass always looks greener on the other side. Investing in a decent camera or a phone with a good camera is always a good way to start.

#2 Good Lighting

Pretty sure we all know that lighting is very crucial by now. Find somewhere with good lighting that compliments your subject, not too bright or too dim. If it’s somewhere dark, ask your friends to give you a hand and use their phone’s flashlight and you guys can work together to create a magnificent photo.

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#3 Props

Ahhhh, you can never go wrong with props. Some of you may want to invest in some cheap ones from Daiso if you can’t afford those from Kate Spade or Laura Ashley. Or, you can just make do with things around you! Just make sure that the props don’t draw the focus away from the main subject.



Image Source : Google Image

#4 Composition

Yes, this actually plays a very important role. Just to ensure that your pictures don’t look boring all the time – composition can be your wingman. Rules of Third, Shallow Depth of Field, Simplicity, Symmetry and Balance ; they are all the yellow brick road to a beautiful Instagram feed.



(Image Source : Google Image)

#5 Filters

We swear by heaven’s gates, this is your holy grail, no, THE HOLY GRAIL. It’s a necessity! Taking an amazing photograph is one thing, but editing brings it to a whole other level. We recommend VSCO for started and as you advance you can invest in a better software! Here’s a tip, start by downloading the free filters and as you get better you might want to buy other VSCO filters when it’s on sale. It is a very minimal investment which you may start off with if you’re not too confident with using filters. Play around with the different filters, exposure, contrast, saturation, fade and temperature. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize it brings your photo to a different level!



(Image Source : Google Image)

#6 Snap Anything Aesthetically Pleasing

If you see something you like – be it a view, a chair, a wall, just snap it. If you run out of ideas, go to Tumblr or Pinterest and seek for inspiration. Filter out what type of aesthetics do you prefer and slowly get into the groove of things. The best part of these platforms? It brings a new perspective on how to snap a good picture of an ordinary object.



Image Source : Google Image


We hope that this post will help you guys to whip your Instagram feed into your own fabulous portfolio! Remember, to just do whatever that makes you happy and be passionate in what you do!

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