Eye-Catching Talents: Women In The Events Industry

Being a woman is tough, and we get that. When we look at how far we’ve come as a society, it’s fascinating. Women are brave enough to decide on their own future and take things into their own hands. With equality being a movement where women are the main force toward such social reforms, we see public figures (Justin Trudeau and Emma Watson to name a few) from around the world who have jumped onto the bandwagon, showing their support.

So, let’s take a second to appreciate all the women in our lives. In the events industry, we see so many women who have taken charge and become experts in what they do. Here are some ladies we got in touch with who would make your event THAT much better.

Mandana Bakhshy – Belly Dancer & Choreographer

Mandana Bakhshy, dancer, teacher and choreographer has been performing middle eastern dance since her mother, Nanccy Bakhshy made it widely popular in Malaysia almost 13 years ago. Being a belly dancer has its fair share of challenges as some people don’t appreciate it as an art, and Mandana is here to change that common misconception of it being just a ‘beautiful girl in a sexy costume’ dance. It is far more than that, it is a performance art and only a few can master it well. If you’re looking to learn the trick of the trade – Mandana offers classes at Middle East Dance Academy or you may want to get in touch with Mandana here to perform at one of your events.




Meet RIMKA, the female DJ who has been creating waves in KL’s music industry. She ventured into the nightlife scene a few years ago and has since made a name for herself. At the same time, Rimka is working on two fashion lines before she starts her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Blown away yet? She’s committed to indulging in her spontaneity and creativity and may even start producing music. Stay updated on her next set to catch her in action here.



DH Artful Decor

Dora Harun and Nur Aainaa run an events decor company providing artful decorations to beautify events. Their specialty – paper flower decorations and have serviced big names like Fashion Valet, and quite recently, Gaya Koleksi Raya 2016 held at Publika. This dynamic duo has big plans  in providing artistic, artful decor on a much larger scale by incorporating life-size art installations to our arts and culture scene. Engage their services –  whether it is decoration for your event, gift boxes for your friends, family or even bridesmaids, art pieces for your walls, props for your photoshoot, as well as interesting tablescape designs for your guests. Check out more of their stuff here.



Crinkle Cut

This female quartet plays electro-acoustic music and features 4 very talented young ladies: Frances on Vocals, Ashley on Cajon, Grace on Keyboard, and Melissa on guitar. They started off as a band playing for extra pocket money and along the way, they were encouraged to make their own music. Although each of them is inspired by different genres, they found a common ground which resonates well with them while still incorporating their own individual styles. These ladies have performed for IndiePG, Fete De La Musique, and TimeOut KL Poolside Fiesta to name a few. Interested in catching one of their gigs? Stalk them here.




Women…what can we say 🙂

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