Cool Cafes for the Working Nomads in Penang and KL

Welcome back Venuescapers! Yes, it’s another café post! Oh c’mon, you’d think we stopped at our previous post? Oh, how could we especially when both, KL and Penang have all these amazing cafes. Lets’ face it, we working nomads need 4 main things : godly Wi-Fi, amazing coffee, comfy seats and of course, man’s best creation, plug points. Without further ado, let’s begin Venuescape’s visually pleasing list!

1. Bricklin Café 


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Located in the heart of Georgetown, we love how this café is peaceful despite that it’s the centre of attention. The aroma of the coffee is sensational when you step inside. Just grab a seat by the glass windows (no, it’s not hot) and enjoy the view and feel of the place, then you’ll instantly be in the working mood.

2. Tavern In The Park


The sister café to Bricklin Café, Tavern is just right across them. It is equally as pleasing as it is comfortable. The upside on this is that they serve food and only cold brew coffee. It’s great for those who want to grab a bite while working. We recommend their burger or crostini.

3. Constant Gardener Cafe



So, you’ve tried the coconut milkshake at Esplanade then feel peckish after for some cakes or pressed coffee, Constant Gardener Café is just across the street! This café has one of the most hipster/indie interior that’s great for you hipster loving people. Plus, they have the prettiest cakes ever.

4. Artisan HQ in Petaling Jaya



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It’s always nice to work in a chill yet modern café. Artisan in Section 13 is big, comfortable and pretty quiet – perfect for us working nomads! “High-end drugs crafted with pride for your pleasure” as stated in their Instagram bio clearly shows that it’s for us coffee addicts and there’s nothing more we can add to make it even sound even more amazing after that quote! This also happens to be one of our favourite out-of-the-office workspaces.

5. Cat In The Box in Kuala Lumpur



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A very industrial feel, this café’s ambience is perfect, and it may or not be the glass windows! Haha, there’s just something about glass windows isn’t there? Anyway, they serve their signature single origin East Timor coffee beans. Well, no one has time for bad coffee and the fact that they have that and scrumptious food is just amazing!


6. Neighborhood Coffee in Kuala Lumpur



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Holy cow! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the interior of this place first? Good coffee and the awesome interior are the cure for an over fried brain or one that suffers writer’s block. Plus, if you want something more, they have churros!

So who said you can’t be busy with comfort and joy? We hope you enjoy this round’s piece. If you’re interested in planning an event and don’t know where to have it, feel free to visit our website and don’t hesitate on requesting for a FREE quotation or call us at  +6016-7200 347! Ciao.


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