5 Things You Need For Your Pool Party This Summer

Are you ready to embrace the warmth and bask in the sun? So are we and let’s get to it! If you’re planning to have a low-key summer pool party with your friends, here’s your top 5 summer essentials in order to make your 2016 pool party a rocking one!

Inflatable floats

This is the current hype right now and you DEFINITELY need to have it at your pool party. We’ve seen celebrities being photographed in theses floats in Summer 2015 and it is now available to the masses! If you’re going to have a pool party, might as well go all out and buy or rent a few of these for your guest and yourself to have fun with.


Image credit: Aimee Song @songofstyle / Jamie King @jaime_king / Shay Mitchell @shaym / Alessandra Ambrosio @alessandraambrosio

Waterproof speakers

What’s a party without some music? Whether you’d like to sing along to some Taylor Swift songs or blast a set by her ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, you would need a set of speakers for that to happen. Since it is a pool party, the speakers might as well be waterproof, just for safety purposes and heck we are in 2016! Why use ordinary ones when you can get a waterproof one?!


Lucky for you, we know where you can get your hands one on! Your nearest Typo should have what you’re looking for.

Gopro Camera

This gadget needs no introduction. We don’t know how we could hate this camera, except for the fact that it comes with a slightly steep price tag 😛 If you look at it as an investment, this is definitely one which is worth the price – light, waterproof and HD quality! You’ll have pictures and videos which will last you a lifetime, or at least we hope!



What’s a summer party without some drinks! Let’s just say, don’t dehydrate yourselves and if the best way to stay hydrated is through getting some booze in your system, we say by all means! Whether your friends are alcoholic or not, there is something simple you can make for everyone.

For the non-alcoholics: Infused iced sparkling water might just do the trick! Throw in some fruits and let the flavours diffuse, giving that hint of flavour when you sip on it.

For the alcoholics: Mojitos and margaritas for the ladies and some beer for the lads. Doesn’t sound like this combination would go wrong!


Image credit: Huffington Post


While finger food like fries and pizza are great party food, why not take it up a notch and serve your guest some canapes instead! First of all, it is a decorative food which is visually attractive, giving you a better leverage for those trying to step up their Instagram game. Secondly, it is bite-sized and fuss-free. The last thing you want is some food ending up in the pool, making a mess that either you or your friends have to spend unnecessary time cleaning up afterward.



These makes our mouth water and don’t you wish you could pop those in your mouth right now!

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