Guilty Pleasures In Penang

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Guilty Pleasures’? For most of us, it has to be FOOD FOOD FOOD. More often than not – sweet delightful desserts gets us tingling alright. If you’re craving for that brownie or waffle, we at Venuescape have got you covered. Prepare yourself for the stomach growls alright!

The Alley


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When we think of The Alley, we think of their CHURROS! They are really famous for their churros – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Oh, and their dips compliment them so well! We recommend Nutella (cause why not?)!




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Nestled in Chulia Street, Mugshot seems to be the favourite among tourists and locals alike. Their cream puffs and chocolate éclairs are freshly baked daily. Even their homemade yoghurt parfaits are made to perfection!

Black Kettle


If you have a thing for dough, then visit here fast! Black Kettle’s pastries are quintessential for those of you who cannot live without bread! They have a variety of bread and pastries which are divine!




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It’s no secret that Piknik has been a favourite ever since it was launched. They have different sorts of waffle and also had a little twist on it. So you can opt for sweet or savoury!

Frank Laurent


Located in Udini Square, beside Tesco @ E-Gate, Frank Laurent is quite new but very familiarly popular. Their coffee is perfect to every sip and their WAFFLES! Oh goodness, they’re too pretty to be eaten but they do taste heavenly!

Urban Artisan

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If you’re craving for soft serve ice cream, we swear by heaven’s gate that this is THE place! It looks so picturesque AND it is perfect for a hot day!

Twelve Cups


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Okay, if you want to feel less guilty then you can head to Twelve Cups because they do serve healthy desserts like smoothie bowls! For smoothie enthusiasts, you would know that the amount of goodness in that one bowl is just too good for words!

Penang Teochew Chendol


Image source: sians.blogspot.com

What’s a guilty pleasure post without Penang’s famous chendol! We don’t think we can emphasise on how much pleasure it brings us when we buy the chendol under the scorching sun and eating it while standing in front of the stall. Well, if you don’t fancy that then you can go to their franchise in Gurney Paragon or Gurney Plaza!

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