DIY Decorations For Your Next Baby Shower

Anyone can just buy something and decorate nowadays, BUT to actually put in more effort and DIY is a whole different level! Just imagine, looking at the carefully planned out baby shower for your best friend, sister or cousin, that has a few touches of your DIY decors that are too pretty to even look at! You can even opt to make your own visually pleasing party snacks! So allow us at, Venuescape, to share some ideas with you guys!



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Don’t you remember the joy of making cards when we were little kids? It would make complete sense to make your own baby shower invitations to welcome a child to the world. So instead of getting someone else to do it, go look for ideas on Pinterest now and make your own!



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Honestly, instead of paying for an overly priced centrepiece, you might as well get make your own right? Plus, you get to select everything carefully to make sure that the baby’s mama loves it! If you’ve got time to spare you could make an elaborate one like the one above on the left or if you don’t have that much time, throw show flowers in different sized vases as seen on the right!



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Don’t you like the idea of gathering with all your closest friends and creating memories? Here’s a simple small token of appreciation which is easily prepared! Pop some Hershey’s in a mason jar and stick some cute animals on top of it, perfect!



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When you think that the party favours are enough but clearly they’re not. Of course, you can still cater 60% of the food but why not make the rest your own? You can make cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, bruschetta etc.  By the way, if you’re looking for caterers, try Nathalie Gourmet Studio. Her creations are sweetly amazing!

Here’s a fun twist to things! Why not hide the gender of your baby from your guests and let them take a guest? You can confuse them with all the baking goods you make in the classic boy blue, girl pink colour  – an ombre layer cake, hidden heart shape cupcakes, cookie sandwiches!



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Every celebration needs a backdrop that will leave people in awe. You can DIY a hanging sign with cute little wordings or fonts, or spread the love like the picture above! You know, you can always make your own pom poms and hang it from the ceiling too! Speaking of backdrop, why not make some photo booth props while you’re at it?



Image Source: Pinterest

Why not go the extra mile and make the cutlery suit the baby shower theme? You can cut and paint cardboard pieces and stick them on the cutlery or get ribbons and tie a nice bow on it. OR you can get creative with the drinking glasses – go crazy with the straws and stickers on that mason jar!

Well, those are some ideas for your baby shower! If you do give it a try, don’t forget to share with us on Instagram or Facebook.  We are also creating our own mini DIY videos so do keep a heads up for that! And as always, being your venue specialists, head on to for a variety of event spaces for your next event in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. Contact us today at +6016-7200 347. Go ahead, our service is FREE guys!


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