The 7S Guide To Fashion Shows In Kuala Lumpur

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”

—Bill Cunningham

You’re curious, aren’t you? What exactly is the 7S Guide To Fashion Shows? Well, we here at Venuescape, came up with the ultimate venue guide for your next fashion show!

Setia Eco Templer 


Bet you didn’t know that Setia Eco Templer has an amazing space perfect for large events, did you? Let’s face it; the picture has won our hearts. This couldn’t be any more perfect for a grand fashion show.

Capacity : 500 Sitting, 700 Standing
Book and take a virtual walk-through of the venue here!

Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC)



We can’t get enough of SP Setia! Well, that’s because they have so many venues within the Convention Centre which make it one heck of an event space! Setia City Convention Centre has 8 function rooms, but for this, you should focus on their ballroom! Isn’t it just spectacular?

Capacity : 2000 Sitting, 2200 Standing
Book and take a virtual walk-through of the venue here!

Sunway Nexis


Why not have it in a concourse area right? We all love our air-conditioning but it’s the 21st century and we have portable air-conditioning so problem solved! Sunway Nexis is also a public place so it’s the perfect opportunity to show the world your amazing pieces! Why not use this amazing venue to your advantage and host your upcoming fashion show at Sunway Nexis?


If you’re clueless on how you can set up the stage, here’s a sample we’ve found! While it wasn’t hosted in Sunway Nexis, it definitely has the potential to look like this!

Capacity (North Concourse) : 300 Sitting, 350 Standing
Book and take a virtual walk-through of the venue here!

Slate at The Row



We feel that pre-fall or ready-to-wear fashion shows would be perfect for this. You can set up a very minimalistic theme stage as the venue has a very industrial feel to it and let your designs speak for themselves!

Capacity: 250 seated, 400 standing
Book and take a virtual tour of the venue here!

Space Seven



Their warm and wooden interior accompanied by their floor to ceiling glass panels gives out a cosy vibe but doesn’t compromise elegance. So unleash your inner Vogue ideas and go crazy with this space!

Capacity : 250 Sitting, 400 Standing
Book and take a walk-through of the venue here!




Oh c’mon, we know you already have a vision of how things will be! Imagine, a fashion show runway on an actual runway? It will be incredible! Plus, with the amount of space that can be utilised, Skypark is perfect for couture and pre-fall fashion shows!

Capacity : 500 Sitting, 800 Standing
Book and take a virtual walk-through of the venue here!




One word, Chanel. As we all know, Chanel fashion shows never disappoints. Plus, their stage set is always crazy magnificent! Goodness, can you imagine a fashion show held in StarXpo? We don’t think our eyes and soul can handle the stupendous level!

Capacity : 3500 Sitting, 8000 Standing
Book and take a virtual walk-through of the venue here!

So, that’s all for this round! If you are planning for other events other than fashion shows, feel free to visit or call us at +6016-7200 347! Remember, our service is FREE, guys!


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