Venuescape Go: Are These PokeStops Near You?

Did you know that some of our Pokemon venues…wait, we mean partner venues are not just great spaces for events, they’re also located near PokeStops? Well if you haven’t heard of the latest craze – it’s Pokemon GO and it’s sending Malaysians (along with the rest of the world) into town to catch ’em all!

You may have heard people talk about PokeStops. So what are they, you ask? PokeStops are locations marked by blue cubes in the game which allows you to gather goodies such as Poke Balls, eggs, potions and much more. We at Venuescape did our homework to find which venue has a PokeStop nearby and here they are:

1. Neo Damansara: The Aura

Located in Neo Damansara, The Aura is a perfect and versatile venue space for customised events. Organise your next corporate meeting with The Aura as you may want to step out during your break to look for the nearest PokeStop.

PokeStop hint: Listen to the sound of trickling water.

2. Kuala Lumpur: Cornerstone


Here is another great space to have a wedding, corporate event or even a yoga training class! Cornerstone is located in Wisma Selangor Dredging, which is convenient to get to with plenty of parking space. Some Pokemons might be hiding here and you would want to visit Cornerstone to find them yourselves!

PokeStop hint: The centre of the 4 towers.

3. Kota Damansara: Base 26


Base 26 is a unique space in Kota Damansara with the raw and rustic theme is suitable for birthday parties, family gatherings and even a networking sessions. Located right opposite of Sunway Giza, this is the place to be if you’re looking to host an event and also hunt for Pokemons 😛

PokeStop hint: The entrance of a nearby shopping centre.
PokeGym hint: Spot a fountain!

4. Bangsar South: The Studio at KL


Fancy having an event in an art gallery? Then look no further than The Studio at KL located in Connexion@Nexus. Have a social gathering or a product launch in a creative space, the possibilities are endless! Besides, if you’re strong enough you might want to battle this strong Dragonite!

PokeStop hint: Look for a vintage rack.
PokeGym hint: Look for a tuk-tuk.

5. Publika: Nathalie Gourmet Studio


Ever wanted to be a chef for a day? Then drop by Nathalie Gourmet Studio! Learn the secret recipes from Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille herself. This restaurant is also a suitable space for events such as cocktail parties, social parties and family gatherings.

PokeStop hint: It’s located in Publika, one of the BEST places to catch Pokemons and it’s filled with PokeStops!
PokeGym hint: Head outdoors to their open-air area!

6. Subang: SkyPark RAC Hangar

 Last but not least is the SkyPark RAC Hangar. Did you know you can have a wedding or a product launch at an airport hangar? Yes you can! Woo your guests by planning your upcoming event at the Skypark RAC Hangar.

PokeStop hint: It’s located in the SkyPark Subang Terminal. Airports are known be a good place to catch Pokemons and have plenty of PokeStops to refill your goodies. Just be alert and don’t miss the airport announcement or you might end up missing your flight!
PokeGym hint: If you’re early for your flight, take a walk around the airport and battle someone else’s Pokemon!

This is all for now, our fellow Pokemon Trainers. Have you found any other Venuescape partner venues with a PokeStops? Let us know in the comments below or contact us today at +6016-7200 347!

Your Venuescaper,

Aaron Nason


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