How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

Looking for a wedding venue?

What makes an ideal and perfect venue? Apart from how it looks, here’s some of the factors you might want to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Let’s dive right into it and guide you through!

1. Cost

Yup, we know it’s your worst nightmare and definitely the first thing that crosses your mind when choosing a venue. Don’t let the price of the venue hold you back from booking it but also, please do not get into a huge amount of debt because of it! Spend within your means and search for a venue which fits your reasonable budget!


If you want to keep your cost low and have it at a restaurant, check their minimum spend and see if it’s worth it. Often enough, you won’t need to compromise if you do your homework!

2. Location 

First of all, you want to make sure the location of your wedding venue is easily accessible. You don’t want your guests to be making their way to your wedding on a 4 wheel drive towards the middle of a jungle, just because you wanted an outdoor wedding, do you? Well unless you want to bring them on an adventure, by all means! 😛


If you still insist on having an outdoor themed wedding, you might want to check Glasshouse at Seputeh! Not only is it easily accessible, it is also a good compromise. While it is an indoor venue, their raw and rustic interior provides a good foundation for you to create your dreamy outdoor wedding. How beautiful is the picture above? Yup, you guessed it right – it’s Glasshouse at Seputeh! An indoor garden is pretty cool, and you know it!

Also, check out these two blog posts for wedding venues within the Klang Valley: 15 Wedding Venues In Klang Valley, Intimate Wedding Venues In Klang Valley

3. Capacity 

The next no-brainer would be the capacity of the venue. It wouldn’t be a great idea to book a hall which accommodates 500 guests when you only plan on inviting 50 people, nor will it be logical to book a venue which can hold 300 guests but you’ve got a 500 pax guestlist!

4. Ambiance 

Depending on what type of wedding venue you’re looking for, you might want to consider the type of existing decor or ambience the venue has. For example, if you’re looking to have a classic and elegant wedding, a ballroom like Cornerstone would be the best choice.


Here’s Cornerstone, an elegant ballroom in Kuala Lumpur.

5. Amenities

This goes without saying. Look out for what the existing venue offers and take into consideration the extra cost which you might need to fork out if they don’t provide you with what you’re looking for. If you and your significant other are massive barbeque lovers, you might want to have that personalised touch and have a barbeque pit during your wedding day!


Good thing for you, we know of a venue which has exactly that. Check out, Deck at The Row. They even have a bar area (complete with chillers and sinks) if you’re looking to replicate a Western wedding reception!

6. Parking

If you would like to go the extra mile and take care of all your beloved guest, you might want to consider the amount of parking bays your wedding venue offers. Even better, if the parking is free! 😉

7. External Caterers

Wedding banquets at hotels are ridiculously expensive. Therefore, consider opting for a venue which allows external caterers to save on cost, and yet be able to feed your guests excellent food. Here are some different and refreshing cuisines you might want to consider for your wedding.


8. Additional Services

We know this isn’t a top priority when choosing a venue, but it’s the extra services which make your wedding day a perfect one. Things like additional manpower as waiters, bartenders, sound and light assistance might slip your mind but do check if the venue provides these additional services at a minimal cost! Or you may want to engage us instead, as our events team provides all these services ensuring your wedding is as dreamy as you imagined.

Also, if the venue is throwing in a free wedding cake or decor, that’s some added value for you as a customer. If you’re having your wedding reception in a hotel, you just might be entitled to a free stay there!

9. Additional Charges

Some venues and restaurants may have corkage charges if you’re not taking alcohol from them. Other venues and event spaces might charge you a fee if you’re not taking catering from their panel of caterers. Be sure to ask in advance and maybe even negotiate a better deal 😛

That’s all we’ve got this time round! Check out if you’re looking for a wedding venue. Contact us today at +6016-7200 347 or if you would like professional assistance, drop us a comment on how many people you’re expecting and we will source you the best venue in town, no extra charges! 😉


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