Easy Tablescaping Ideas

Creating a jaw-dropping centerpiece for your table has never been more challenging in this competitive digital era. As we browse through Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, we notice there are so many overachievers out there who have set the bar so high. Man, how are we suppose to top that or even get on the same level?!  

If you’re like us who have no artsy sense of direction, we’re here to share our tip and help you out. You may thank us after 😛

Casual table decor


How beautiful would this look on Instagram? Just imagine the number of compliments and comments you’ll receive along with the likes of course! Truth is, it is much more simple than it looks (if you were to cut corners of course!). Get a skinny vase, wrap it with a thick white sheet of paper and fill it up with some white flowers of your choice. Now that was the easy part.

Here comes the challenging part, the paper flowers. Using quality paper, cut out petal shapes and slowly assemble them with some super glue. To cover your mess, paste an artificial flower in the center and there you have it, your very own table floral decor! Repeat this 3 times and you’ll have a gorgeous and well-thought of table decor.

If you’re bad at art and can’t draw to save your life, try tracing a petal instead. Print out your preferred petal size and trace them! Better yet, directly print the tracing out onto your coloured paper!

Hawaiian Luau


If you’re all about having that tropical vibe, this is the best theme for your party. Get some inspiration, narrow them down and execute it! Here’s a simple idea you may follow.

For the table decor, paint some pineapples pink and throw around some leaves. Doesn’t get any easier than this right? If you’re able to source for some ready made flower backdrop, it would be perfect! If not, source for some quality paper and get started. Trace petals, paste it together and call it a piece of art.

Frozen Theme


A highly popular kid’s birthday theme, here’s an idea on making it more classy and less trashy! Instead of the usual Anna and Elsa figurines throughout the dessert table, keep it simple and have silver cones as your decor piece. Throw in a few blue balloons and paper decor and there you have it! Remember to select desserts which are blue and silver for a coherent theme – we’re thinking of Kisses chocolate, white marshmallows and blue jellies.



If you can’t go to Morocco, we’ll bring Morocco to you. Giving your table a touch of luxe, here’s a simple idea which you might want to consider. Lay down a fluffy white rug and dress it up with glass tableware, flowers and intricate candle holders. How easy was that?! No drawing or painting required, completely fuss free!


If you still can’t find the time to think about putting your ideas together, you might want to contact DH Artful Decor and they may assist you! Making paper art decor from scratch, they will ensure your decor and event to be unique. Apart from paper decors, they also do customized gift boxes amongst other artsy related aspect. 

Disclosure: The images are all courtesy of DH Artful Decor. Check out their Facebook page for more updates! 

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