27 Elie Saab Dresses To Inspire Modern Brides-To-Be

We cannot deny that Elie Saab is one of THE BEST designers out there when it comes to making your dream dress come true. It’s no surprise that his designs are replicated and copied by many others, as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery right?

Here are some Elie Saab Couture dresses which are perfect for your wedding! We’ve even categorized it for your convenience, you’re welcome!

Off shoulder dress

The first dress is for those who wants a simple and elegant dress. The middle one is for brides who wants an over the top dress. The last dress is perfect for brides who loves sparkles and glitters! How beautiful are these designs?!


Elegant And Elaborated Dress 

Nothing quite says “The Queen has arrived” like these dresses. Add on the train and you’re good to head down the aisle!


Unconventional Printed Dress

Not your typical wedding dress but we think this is perfect for a themed wedding! If you’re thinking of having a forest themed wedding, these dresses would complement your overall theme.


Ice Princess Dress

If you’re looking to be an ice princess for a day, a baby blue dress would be perfect! Be your very own Anna or Elsa when you put these dresses on. All you need is a long train to look dreamy on your wedding day!


Modern Chinese Dress

We know how red colour is a favourable colour for Chinese weddings, here’s some dresses with a modern twist to it which is still befitting with the Chinese customs but with a touch of elegance. Look at the middle piece, it almost looks like a modern day cheongsam!


 Slit Dress

For those of you with long and toned legs, you might want to show it off and when better than your big day! Elie Saab is known for designing unique pieces which are guaranteed to make heads turn. Just look at the first dress, isn’t it the most unique piece yet?!


Dramatic Dress

Making a statement would be simple if you’re slipping into one of these dresses which speaks volumes (literally) about themselves! If you’re looking for a grand wedding dress, these pieces off the runway would be ideal! With intricate and sophisticated details, you and your dress will easily be the talk of the night.


Rustic Romantic Dress

This goes out to all the brides who want to have a rustic romantic wedding. Complementing your rustic theme, these dresses would stand out yet blend into your dream theme! Look at those details, they are definitely too die for, we think!

We highly recommend that you check out their 2015 Autumn/Winter collection for similar pieces. 


Conservative Dress

Brides who are more conservative and reserved might opt for a dress which covers the full arm. Trust Elie Saab to have thought of that and come up with beautiful designs for these women as well!


Have we taken your breath away?! We give credit to Elie Saab for creating these beautiful pieces! If you’re looking for a wedding venue, check out www.venuescape.my for an extensive list of venue selection! Contact us directly at +6016-7200 347 if you need immediate assistance. Remember, our service is FREE!