Wine Tasting Venues in Penang

WHO LOVES WINE?! We do! And for the lot of you who share our sentiments in Penang, here’s a list of where you can host your very own wine tasting parrrttttaaayyy!

Georgetown Wines



Not only in the heart of town, but Georgetown Wines has one of the most elegant yet rustic ambiences in Penang. It gives out the feel that you’re in the Mediterranean. They even have infographics framed up on their wall to lend you a helping hand!

Capacity : 30 pax (seated)

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Vantage Wine 



Tucked in Tanjung Tokong, Vantage Wine is another perfect place for wine tasting or social gatherings! As their name suggest, they specialise in wine and naturally have a wide selection. If you’re not sure what type of wine you should pair your meal with, let them assist you and lend you their knowledge! Their cosy space is great for private and intimate celebrations as well.

Capacity : 30 pax (seated)

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Macalister Mansion


As we all know, Macalister Mansion has a lot of districts but the one you want to focus on this time is The Cellar. They offer both wine and cigar for those of you who would like a smoke while having a drink! The venue exudes such elegance; you’ll definitely enjoy winding down here.

Capacity : 40 pax (seated)

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Farquhar Mansion


Farquhar Mansion has one of the most breathtaking venues in Penang and is perfect for hosting your very own wine tasting workshop! Exuding class and elegance, this space is perfect for those looking to dress up and have a fancy event.

Capacity : 100 pax (seated)

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That Little Wine Bar

A cosy sanctuary that offers God’s gift to us – wine! This European style venue is quite quintessential to host your wine tasting workshop, plus you get to socialise with others while you’re at it. Think about all the fine things you can talk about with your wine enthusiasts!

Capacity : 50 pax (seated)

Did you know that wine promotes longevity?
Guess who will be enjoying a glass of wine from time to time? 😉

As always, we hope you enjoy this piece as much as we love creating them! If you’re interested in any of this venues, feel free to request for a FREE quotation on or call us at +6016-7200 347!

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