A Swanky Kate Spade Themed Party

Now that we’ve captured your attention, let this post visually blow your minds away. When we think of Kate Spade, we think of all things classy yet quirky. If you’re unfamiliar with Kate Spade’s designs, let us tell you – they are famous for producing handbags and clothing of crisp colour and graphic prints with a touch of playful sophistication. Their style is timeless and essentially perfect for a theme party!



Essentially Kate Spade is all about that glitz and glamour. Think about all things glittery, shimmery and of course a touch of quirk or in this case, colour! Don’t forget about keeping it classy, after all they’re still all about having class and sophistication! Think pink, gold, floral and stripes and you’ll not stray too far from the theme!



Using black and white as your main colours is a good start for any party. Add on some elements of gold and shades of magenta pink for the Kate Spade vibe!



Toasting to a milestone in life must also be done in elegance and of course with a touch of glitter! Dressing your champagne bottle in gold with a pink ribbon is so in accordance with the theme. Nothing says classy quite like drinking champagne with a straw! 😉



Continue thinking white, black, pink, gold and a hint of floral if you’d like. Staying true to the theme, you could even replicate a Kate Spade box if you wish like the one on the left or interpret it in your own way and come up with an inspired cake!



These desserts will definitely make your party that much sweeter and what’s a themed party without the representation of the theme, or in this case logo!



Tease your guests with these gorgeous invites and remember to state your dress code somewhere on the invite. Better yet, if all your girls have a Kate Spade tote, this is the best time to flaunt it all together and take a group picture!


Keeping it swanky, their four main colour is a must!



This could serve as additional decor or for practical use as part of the program of the day. A simple and easy way to add colours to your party which adheres to the theme! If you’re one of those who keeps their paper wrappings, here’s the best time to let your collection shine!

“She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.”

As their famous quote above says, you might want to include this phrase somewhere in your party! That’s all we’ve got this time and we hope you have fallen in love with the aesthetics of it. If you’re planning a party soon, check out our website, www.venuescape.my for an extensive list of venue choices in Klang Valley. If you require assistance, drop us a Whatsapp text or call +6016-7200 347 and we will be more than happy to assist you!




There are times when we just want to get creative or simply save up


Let’s just take a deep breath, before we carry on, shall we? DEEP