Rent Portable Bars For Your Next Event

When someone mentions bar, we think of high stools and drinks sliding across the table. Well, not all bars have to be an alcoholic one! 😛 Portable bars are awesome for event purposes as it is not only convenient (in certain cases) but it is also way cooler than having an ordinary and boring table! Here are a few different types of bar you can have at your next event.

Coffee Bar 


How beautiful is this coffee bar?! Not only does it come with a well furnished and designed counter, their wooden blocking and black finishing gives a down to earth element that complements the coffee served!

Fun fact: 11 Ivy Coffee specializes in providing premium quality coffee for all coffee lovers out there. If you must have a good cuppa coffee, you know who to book for your next event! Read more about them here.

If you’re interested in engaging with their services, request for a FREE quotation here. Do take note that there’s a minimum order of 100 cups of coffee for events!

Juice Bar


Image Credit: Pinterest

If you’re on the eating clean or juicing bandwagon, this would definitely be your type of bar! What’s better than having a cup of freshly juiced drink on a hot sunny day! Isn’t this setup beautiful? Instead of having an ordinary counter or table, this unique portable bar is ideal as it makes a statement on its own.

Dessert Bar


Image Credit: Jo Malone

We know that dessert spreads are sometimes the highlight of a party. Instead of just focusing on beautifying the table spread with pretty desserts, we urge you not to neglect the overall look of the spread and that means paying attention to the table or in this case use a portable bar for the extra oomph!

How cute is this dessert bar set up by Jo Malone?!

Ice-Cream Bar


Image Credit: Pinterest

Why not have an ice-cream bar instead of just placing a freezer filled with ice-cream at your event! While a freezer serves the purpose, a bar is more attractive for an event! Instead of placing a dull rectangular box, having a portable ice-cream bar which is nicely dressed up according to the theme of your event will definitely make your event look well put together.

Isn’t this carousel themed ice-cream bar perfect for a whimsical and fairytale themed party?


Image Credit: iheartparty

Have we convinced you that you SHOULD rent a portable bar for your next event? Get in touch with us here and we will be able to provide you with a portable bar as well as other event management services you may require! Head over to www.venuescape.my for an extensive list of venues in Klang Valley for your next event or contact us today at +6016-7200 347!


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