Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Decors

Let’s face it, Pinterest has raised the bars by heaps and bounds when it comes to wedding inspirations. The expectation of a wedding is so high in today’s digital age and every bride will more or less start planning their big day the moment they are engaged! With so many potential wedding ideas and styles out there, the options available can be quite overwhelming. We don’t blame you brides for being fickle minded and changing your theme every other second because we feel you, we truly do.

We’ve narrowed down a list of wedding details which you should pay extra attention to when you’re planning your wedding in order to make your big day Pinterest worthy!

Wedding Bouquet

Since all eyes are going to be on the bride, might as well make sure you’re carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers!


Image Credit: Pinterest

Tulle Drapings

Tulle gives a soft and romantic touch which complements weddings perfectly! This is an easy DIY decoration which is worthy of being pictured over a hundred time! Add your preferred touch of floral decor and you’re on your way to having a Pinterest-worthy wedding!


Image Credit: Pinterest

Wedding Balloons

Using balloons for a wedding can either complement the event or make it look tacky. In order for it to not become the latter, we suggest that soft and romantic colours are used. AND not to make an arch or centrepiece out of it!

Thankfully in today’s advanced and creative era, there’s more than one type of balloons available, yay!


Image Credit: Pinterest

Wedding Signboards

First impressions are crucial and that’s why your wedding signboards need to have a wow-factor to keep your guest excited and on their toes!


Image Credit: Pinterest


Last but not least, the centrepiece has to be one which speaks volumes on its own! Regardless if you’re having a Viking-style or round table seating, the table has to be well decorated. Only then will your guests start snapping pictures from all sorts of angles!


Image Credit: Pinterest

Of course, we got all of these pictures from Pinterest and we have to thank them! Do you like what you see? Contact us today by dropping us a comment below OR call/WhatsApp us at +6016-7200 347 for immediate assistance. We can make it happen for you as we work alongside talented partners including the renowned Razak of Luxe Decor.

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