Top 10 Malaysian Slang

We all know our Malaysian slang by heart BUT do we really know what it really means and the appropriate time to use it? Well, we at Venuescape came up with the Top 10 Slang that we use on a daily basis!

1.Bo Jio

Meaning : ‘Never Invite’ literal translation from the Hokkien Dialect

The most common word used among Malaysians. It can be used on anyone! For example, when a bunch of your friends go out for a movie and they didn’t ask you, you can simply say ‘Bo Jio’. Warning, it may or may not be annoying to the other party.



Meaning : ‘Well, duh.’ It’s Malaysian sarcasm when someone states the obvious.

No matter where we are, sarcasm is always at its best. In our case, it’s ‘abuden’. Here, watch this video to understand better!


Meaning : An exclamation of amazement or shock.

The Malaysian version of  ‘Oh My God’. It does give a different touch to things. You can use this whenever you’re angry, shocked, or amazed. This word can express your feelings in many ways!



Meaning : Treating someone else or vice versa.

Ahhhh, the sweet words of “Jom lah, I belanja”, which mean “C’mon, it’s my treat!”  You know, it’s also a fun way to say no when someone ask you to go for an expensive meal.

A : Hey, wanna go for Crabs and Lobsters tonight?
B : You belanja ah? Broke lah bro.


Meaning : Whatever or Anything

Used when we’re asked something and we can’t decide, especially the everyday challenges – “What to eat?” Though, it may caused annoyance to the person who is asking the questions. C’mon, imagine you’re asking someone something and they keep on saying anything.


Meaning : Take Away

This is very useful when you want to buy anything from the hawkers to the mamak to the nasi kandar stall. Whenever you’re ordering just make sure to tell them ‘Tapao’.


Meaning : ‘Don’t flatter yourself’

It really does mean that way! If someone tweeted something on Twitter and you get all paranoid and think they’re talking about you, your friend might ask ‘Why you perasan now?’ It’s mostly used on you when you’re paranoid about something or when you praise yourself a lot!



Meaning : ‘U-Turn’ or ‘Go Astern’

It’s Malaysia after all, sometimes it’s easier for us to just say ‘Gostan’ instead of ‘Go Astern’ especially when you’re on the road! Sometimes you just don’t have the time to form a proper sentence, not that we’re not capable of forming one, it’s just our culture and we love it!


Meaning : How you address the hawkers

Whether you’re in a mamak stall or chinese stall, it’s definitely user-friendly! So the next time you’re thinking of ordering your drinks, just call the waiter ‘Boss’ and he’ll notice you right away! If you ever want the bill just say ‘Boss, kira.’

10.On The Way

Okay, this is not a slang but it is our most favorite word. Never trust a Malaysian when they said they’re on the way. We may say we’re on our way but we might just be stepping out of the house. Maybe we really are on the way too but it’s the traffic is crazy!

Well, that’s all for this round! We hope you enjoyed this fun post! If you have more slangs to be added on here, don’t hesitate to comment down below on our Facebook page! While you’re at it, check us out on and check out the venues for both Penang and KL for your next event! Or contact us today at +6016-7200 347 for any help!