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There really isn’t any other adjective to best describe the experience I had in Bobo KL some weeks back.

Tucked away from the never-ending bustle of the business hub in Bangsar, Bobo KL is located in the (thankfully) calmer part of Bangar – Jalan Bangkung. And no, that is not the magical element that I so boldly stated about earlier.

So, what’s so magical about Bobo KL? What could this dining room possibly have that you haven’t already experienced in KL and Selangor? Hint: 88 keys. I’ll let you think about that whilst I talk about my dining experience.


Owner and a self-admitted foodie, Edward Soo, believes that food best serves its purpose when it is shared.

“You know, in Malaysia, we get to eat various different dishes because we have 24-hour food outlets and hawker centres. And if we go out in groups, everyone orders different dishes and it becomes second nature for us to try the other person’s dish. So, that’s kind of the food philosophy I am trying to cultivate at Bobo.  Of course, we serve Western dishes like pasta, bruschetta, and steaks, but, we also honour our Asian palate. Our menu is a tad bit like the ‘rojak.’ We have steaks and Mamak Mee.  Then, there’s there Asian Duck Confit Salad and Salmon Ando. We are playful like that. There are no hard and fast rules here. Anything is possible. We have classic bar food as appetisers. That’s what Bobo KL is all about. “

And, at this juncture, please allow me to appropriately describe few of the various dishes that I had the privilege to devour.


Image Credit: Eat Drink KL

Foie Gras accompanied sweet onion pickle served with bread – The silky-smooth buttery taste of the foie gras on the bread was nothing short heavenly. And that sweet onion pickle just elevated the dish altogether.


Image Credit: Eat Drink KL

Arancini – The classic Italian leftover food reinvention; fried risotto balls. At Bobo’s, cheese is added to the middle of these perfect spheres and oozes out seductively as you cut through them. Don’t be fooled by the portion, though. Risotto is quite filling.

Mutton Varuval with papadom and bread – Now, this dish, caused a riot in my mouth! From the thoughtfully cut bite-sized meat to the wonderfully spiced onions at the bottom of the clay pot in which the dish is served… 10/10! The meat is tender, seasoned to precision and addictive. In a nutshell, the dish lives up to the expectation of what a varuval should taste like. Compliments to the chef!

Instead of talking about their divine dishes, I will tantalise you by dropping words like…chocolate, salted caramel ice cream and gula Melaka. I will leave you to your imagination on how Bobo plates and prepares their dessert. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.



Let’s just take a minute to appreciate Bobo’s Dining Room design and layout. The art pieces that is seen all over the walls in BoboKL is from Edward’s personal collection. His love for paintings is so apparent because he has various types of art pieces from both local and international artists. And he doesn’t just stick to one type of art. Some of this pieces will really cause you to question what went through the artists’ mind as they were conceiving the art piece.


Head on upstairs through a secret door and the Submarine Bar awaits you. Quench your thirst with signature cocktails and fine whisky. Now, have you figured out the hint yet? Well, if you guessed keys to 88 doors, you would be wrong (and a little weird) but the correct answer is a piano! Yes, Bobo KL has a piano lounge. How awesome is that?



The moment you walk into the lounge; you are transported into a different world. Designed to cater to the acoustics of the piano and the various vocals of guest singer(s), the lounge exudes a warm and cosy feeling. The atmosphere would cajole you into unwinding with a glass of wine. Which is exactly what I did.

Because of its exclusivity, the lounge does not pick up sound from the dining room or the outside. The only sounds you will hear is the notes coming from the piano complemented only by the enchanting voice of David Gomes. The talented Mr Gomes is the resident pianist at Bobo KL.


That night, I was transported back to my childhood. I had the good fortune of having parents who listened to crooners like Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and Andy Williams who actually made evergreen music (unlike the garbage we hear on the airwaves now, ugh!) and there were nights when dad would lower the lights in the hall and we would just sit around after dinner listening to these musical greats.

Gomes managed to circumvent through the ‘noise’ of life and transport me back to a simpler time with his subtle yet clever renditions of 50s hits like Funny Valentine and Come Fly With Me just to name a few.  That was what that made the whole experience magical. Walking out of that lounge, my step was lighter and I felt happy. Maybe, even a tad bit whimsical.

Money can’t buy these feelings. You need to experience it with your entire heart and soul. It’s about letting the music seep into your core and allowing it to lead wherever it wants. As I swayed to Gomes’ soothing voice, I realised that music does have an effect on your mood. You just must let it lead you.


Image Credit: Bobo KL


Image Credit: Bobo KL


Image Credit: Bobo KL

At the same time, Bobo’s Piano Lounge with its spectacular sky roof is ideal for cocktail parties for up to 70 guests. The industrial, raw vibes make it ideal for rustic themed events, including engagement parties as well as networking parties. Special performances can be arranged for your functions, rest assured, you will have the best picks, specially curated by art director, Sean Ghazi.

But, don’t take my word for it. Head on over to Bobo KL and experience it for yourself. It will be worth your while.

Check out the virtual tour below for a better view of Bobo KL. To request for a FREE quotation or to book Bobo KL, click here or contact us today at +6016-7200 347.




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