5 Things You Need For A Pinterest-Perfect Table Setting

After you’ve secured a venue for your event, next up you’ve got to think about the decor. This comes as no surprise as what’s an event without any personalised touch? If you’re having a sit-down dinner, here are 5 things you’ll need to create a Pinterest-perfect table setting.


You know how fine dining restaurants have about 10 utensils on the table for each person? Yeap, that’s what you’re going to do – place more utensils and make it look like a fancy dinner party. While this might be unnecessary, your table setting should, at the very least, have 5 utensils depending on what is being served to make it look fancy. If you’re serving wine, remember to have at least two glasses prepared per guest.

despite many utensils being unnecessary and challenging your guests etiquette knowledge over which fork to use. An elegant dinner setting should have at least two forks, a knife, and a spoon. However, a more formal dinner should have an extra spoon as well as a butter knife and plate above the dinner plate. Also, a setting should have at least two glasses- one for water and one for wine


Plates can either further complement or add personality to your table setting. If you want a photo worthy table setting, we suggest you have two plates even if your guests are unlikely to use both plates. Carefully select your plate designs and the key point to note is, keep it a neutral colour or follow the theme of your party!



Not only practical but beautiful! There are so many different types of napkin designs out there, your options are endless! A beautiful napkin is an extra detail which instantly makes any type of table setting more furnished.


Table Decor

This goes without saying. Add some florals, pebbles, candles, table runners and other little knick-knacks to dress it up! These small details go a long way when it comes to creating a beautiful table setting.


Place Card / Menu

Make your guest feel special and have their names on their plates. Start your event on a good note with this small welcome detail that makes it personal and also warm. If you’re expecting a large number of guests, you can opt to have the menu printed instead!

Nothing makes a table quite as personal and special to your guests than having their names on their plates. It is a welcoming detail that adds elegance and warmth to your table. Also, there are so many beautiful ways to personalize a table with a place setting that lends more creativity to your table. In addition to name cards, you can also place a menu or other card as well.

And since this is a Pinterest-worthy piece, we’ve got to give Pinterest credit for all the pictures above! We hope you’ve found a suitable venue for your upcoming event or else head over to and start searching for venues in Klang Valley! If you need any assistance in looking for a venue or event management assistance, contact us or WhatsApp us at 016-7200 347.