Instagram-Worthy Venues in KL

Everyone loves a good picture and these days, event spaces and venues are designed accordingly to provide us with not only a place to host our function but one that insists we take out our smartphones and start snapping away! So what exactly does an Instagram-worthy venue look like? Must it be classy or rustic? While it can be either, neither or both, there are many elements that contribute to making a good photo. As first impression is extremely crucial, here’s 10 Instagram-Worthy Event Spaces in Kuala Lumpur!




It only makes sense that Glasshouse tops the list as it really is love at first sight! The twilight feels this venue exudes can be compatible with any of your event theme as it is rustic, classy, sophisticated and it comes with an indoor garden! The place will have your guests talking about your event for a lifetime, not to mention the incredible photographs.

Capacity: 500 pax (seated), 600 pax (standing)

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Space Seven



Space Seven never disappoints when it comes to being picturesque. Their space can be minimal or rustic. Either way, they both look great on camera especially with that event of yours in the spotlight! It’s so Instagram-worthy; you don’t really have to add anything to it. Plus, the glass window panels add a very nice touch to the ambience of the venue.

Capacity: 100 pax (seated), 200 pax (standing)

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Flora Terrace



Ever stepped into a place where you can already see your wedding flash right in front of you? That’s Flora Terrace for you. Needless to say, this venue is already beautifully decorated and is the ideal venue for those of you who love floral decors. This classy and elegant venue will wow your guest and you’d also be able to score beautiful pictures here!

Capacity: 250 pax (seated), 350 pax (standing)

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Delectable Cafe



If you’re not looking for a 13,000 sqft space at Glasshouse, you can opt for Delectable Café located within the vicinity! It gives out the same twilight, rustic and cozy vibe which we all love! Can you imagine a number of great pictures you’ll have thanks to the interior and all that natural lighting? Definitely won’t be struggling with choosing one for Instagram!

Capacity: 35 pax (seated and standing)

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Ciao Ristorante



There’s no place quite like Ciao Ristorante. The place exudes a level of class and elegance which is felt once you step into their space. Drawing special attention to their outdoor canopy area, it is almost a fairytale-like space complete with a dreamy natural backdrop. While this space is ideal for weddings, it is also perfect for every other type of corporate and private parties.

Capacity: 300 pax (seated and standing)

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Qliq Damansara



What we love about Qliq Damansara is their beautiful indoor pool. This area is photo shoot ready, all that’s missing is props and models! Imagine having a party or an event in this space, your pictures are going to be vibrant in colour, bringing your event to live without even trying.

Fun fact: This is a salt water pool and it is chlorine free, perfect for brands which are all about being chemical free!

Capacity: 30 pax (seated and standing)

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Base 26 



Every corner of Base 26 is worthy of a picture. Their rustic and industrial-inspired interior is worthy of a mention as this space is commonly used for events because of the cozy vibe it creates. If you’re still not convinced, production teams also frequently use this space for photo and video shoots!

Capacity: 50 pax (seated), 70 pax (standing)

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Slate at The Row 



Slate at The Row is slaying it with their gorgeous industrial-inspired interior. This space is ideally used for corporate events ranging from product launches, appreciation nights and networking events. Just look how sleek and elegant this venue is on its own!

Capacity: 250 pax (seated), 400 pax (standing)

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Talent Lounge



There’s something about Talent Lounge which draws us in. Needing no additional decoration, this space is dressed up and ready for events to be held. Frequently used for product launches and private parties, Talent Lounge is also a performance venue which is suitable for photo and video shoots as well!

Capacity: 100 pax (seated), 120 pax (standing)

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Rimbun Dahan



For a tropical vibe or Baliness feel, Rimbun Dahan is an ideal space. We don’t see why this space isn’t Instagramable as every other corner would present a photo opportunity. Pick and choose your corner which matches your feed and you might even want to consider having a pre-wedding photoshoot here!

Capacity: 500 pax (seated), 750 pax (standing)

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If you have other venues in mind which you think belongs in this listicle, feel free to drop a comment down below. On another note, if you’re planning to have an event and have difficulties looking for the PERFECT space, head over to for a list of venue selection. If you want event services as well, drop us a text or call us at +6016-7200 347, we would be more than happy to assist you!


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