Greek Themed Corporate Cocktail Party

What comes to your mind when someone says ‘Greek’? Greek salad, Hercules, gladiator shoes and the Greek Gods right? Well, you’re right! It’s always great to have a themed corporate cocktail party because you get to see everyone all dressed up and hanging loose (maybe also literally 😛 )! Let us show you why Greek theme is one of the best choices!


First and foremost, the place must be carefully selected seeing that it is Greek Theme after all. You don’t want something too modern yet it can be quite challenging to find a venue setting that screams ‘Greek’. Fret not, we’ve got you covered, Glasshouse may be modern but it does give out the perfect setting for corporate cocktail party with this theme. Imagine, a gold and white theme, the places filled with ancient pillars and statues, everyone dressed up like the Greek Gods, sipping on cocktails and networking.



Capacity : 500 Seated Pax
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Greek food are always healthy AND delicious! We don’t think it can be any better than that! Well, of course, if you wish to make your own Greek food you can! But if you’re having the lazy spell, then you can always opt for something different, despite the event being Greek Themed! Hey, no harm having a diverse culture in a party right? Here’s a list of different cuisines you can cater for your party!

“Mojito, Screwdriver, Tequila Sunrise” Whichever cocktail you prefer, why not set up a cocktail bar where you and your guests can create your own drink! Cocktail parties are fun, but when you have the chance to create your own? EXHILARATING!


Photo Credits :Souvlaki for the Soul and  Celebrations at Home


It’s always nice to see your colleagues and guests dressed up, especially for themed parties! Most people think you can’t dressed up when it comes to Greek theme. Well, you are wrong. You can be creative and wrap a white bed sheet all over you! There’s no judgement at all! Headpieces, props, and of course, white pieces! Your theme can be white and gold, or white and blue. Blue, because of the beautiful water surrounding Greece. All of you guys can even dress up as one of the Greek Gods and have each other to take a guess!

In terms of decorations, when it comes to Greek, nothing gets more minimal. Ancient pillars (which you can DIY or get us to do it for you), statues, white sheer curtains, great table layouts and setting!

greek-themed-coporate-cocktail-party-venuescape-inspired-table-setting - Copy

greek-themed-corporate-cocktail-party-venuescape-decoration - Copy


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 If you’re planning to bring this themed cocktail party to life, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance by calling us or dropping us a text at +6016-7200 347. Check us out for a list of extensive venues within the Klang Valley.

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