A Twist To Family Gatherings

Boy, do we have something fun this time round! So what’s the little twist that’ll make your typical family gatherings much more fun? Here’s an elf help from the Venuescaper’s Guide.

Let’s admit that we all have that Van Gogh side in us! If you dare to embrace it, The Studio At KL welcomes you! Here’s the twist : This venue has a fantastic art class for all ages. So instead of being couped up in the living room, have a very artsy family gathering! Great for the young and elderly!

All you gotta do is bring some food and head over there for some art jamming session!


How does a family cook off sound like?! You can split up to teams – mother + daughter vs father + son, or any way you want it! You know what they say, food brings people together. So what better way to spend quality time with each other by cooking good food? If this appeals to you, Nathalie Gourmet Studio would be the perfect space for you and your family.

Let Chef Nathalie teach you a trick or two in the kitchen and savor on your own cooking after!



Everyone loves some family gossip but showing off your talents at Drum Asia Live isn’t too shabby either! Think about it, no one gets hurt and everyone has a share of the stage. Highly recommended for families who love a good karaoke session!



To wrap it up, family gatherings can never be a tacky thing! If you’re interested in any of these venues, don’t be shy and book them through us! If you have an upcoming event and have no idea where to have it, go on to www.venuescape.my or call us at +6012 7273 984 for immediate assistance! Till next time!



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