Consider Gifting These Practical And Functional Wedding Favours Instead

We know how cookies, cakes and chocolate are common wedding favours, *hint fruit cakes and chocolate bars.

Instead of gifting your guest small wedding favours which are not well thought of, here are some functional and practical wedding favours which they might appreciate much more! Plus, it will be appreciated for their long value after your wedding AND it is not as expensive as you think!

Stemless Wine Glass


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This is a perfect customized gift if you and your spouse love to occasionally have a drink or two. It would be even more meaningful if it is gifted to friends which you regularly have a drink with!

Wine Glass


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If you’re seeking a more traditional wine glass, here’s one with the stem – equally practical and useful as wedding favours.

Shot Glasses


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*cue Shots by LMFAO. How beautiful is this! This would be such a thoughtful gift for those collecting shot glasses and it would also be practical when they have house parties.

Personalized Coasters


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Remember when we said these are inexpensive wedding favours? These cost as low as $1 each! Also how practical and beautiful are these coasters! Whether you prefer to it to be made our of glass or cork, they are both equally practical as we are bound to use these at home from time to time.

Tea Towel


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Have you ever come across a home which does not have a hand towel? We know we haven’t! While this might cost you slightly more than a regular wedding favour, you know this would be put to good use in the long-run!

It would be ideal for those hosting a small intimate wedding, knowing that all your guests present are those who truly care about you and are deserving of this personalized gift!

Customized Playing Cards


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You never know when this deck of card will come in handy!

Engraved Chopsticks


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If you’re a Chinese who’s getting married, this is such a practical gift for all your relatives and guests alike! Even if your guests are not Chinese, they might use this at home from time to time.

Beach-Themed Photo Frame


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If you’re having a beach-themed wedding, this is the perfect souvenir. Not only does it double up as a name card for guest but it is also a practical gift which has more long-term value.

Customized Marshmallows


If you’re still toying around with the idea of gifting something edible, you might want to consider customised marshmallows. We’re talking about printing your faces or whatever you fancy on these marshmallows for your guest to either keep or consume!

Check out this up and coming company, ChubbeeCloud which specialises in creating customised marshmallows. Book them through us today, here!


We hope to have inspired you to gift your guest practical wedding favours. If you like what you see and would like to have a similar one for your wedding, drop us a message at  016- 7200 347. If you need a venue, head over to and we will see you there!


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