Which Bride Are You?

Have you ever sat down wondering what kind of bride you are or will be? Well, here’s a few types of brides to match your situation! Don’t be embarrassed though, we’re all different anyway!

1. Bridezilla


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You DO NOT want to see her snapping at the caterers or the florists. She’s constantly worried about every tiny little detail of her wedding day where she turns into this paranoid woman, which many wonder if she’ll scare her husband-to-be away. One year before the wedding and she’s already all up in your case!

2. Bride On A Budget


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These brides are savvy with money alright! Not all of us can afford an extravagant wedding ceremony and it’s okay because it doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less glamorous. She’s crafty enough to DIY her wedding decors with the girls!  And trust her to rent her wedding dress because let’s be real, nobody’s going to be wearing that gown again! Unless you’re a sentimental person!

3. Hipster Bride


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With all the themed weddings other people are planning, this bride just wants something that she can vibe with. It’s the kind of wedding where it’s the most minimal but you’ll definitely get that rush of wedding vibe the moment you’re there. Here are some must-haves for your wedding if you want to ride with this vibe!

4. The Princess


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Every girl knows this bride well. All her life she’s been a princess and has been treated like one. She waited all her life for her Prince Charming and now that she’s got him, there is no way her wedding theme will be less fairytale-like. She’s most likely to search for castle like venues, and also a pastel themed with a hint of sparkle.

5. Fun Loving Bride


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You’d have probably seen thousands of couples saying their vows in Vegas on TV. That bride from the movie is no different from our fun loving bride. She’s very breezy and not your typical bride who would be worrying about traditional weddings. Who knows she might walk down the aisle in a fun vibrant wedding dress!

6. Last Minute Bride


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It’s not last minute planning, definitely not! It’s more of the mental state of mind. She will look and stay very calm, but at the very last minute, she might be very jittery and worrying if she ordered the right flowers or if the orchestra is going to play the right song!

7. Sentimental Bride


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The probability of finding a bride like this in this generation now is highly unlikely unless you’re Indian! Sentiments, tears and MORE tears are part of the ceremony! This bride will definitely wear her mom’s beautiful wedding dress, and her/his grandmother’s engagement ring (which has been in the family for generations!). Making sure everything is perfect – from the first song to making sure she doesn’t miss out on any family members. Some old, something new, and something blue is well sorted!

8. Perfectionist Bride


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This bride has probably been planning her wedding her whole life! She may have a Pinterest board on wedding themes and such. Nothing can go wrong, especially after all those years of planning. Everything has to go according to plan or she may lose her hair!

Whichever bride you are, please remember to breathe and just have fun! If you just got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! If you don’t know where to start on your wedding plans, then don’t hesitate to call us at +6016-7200 347  for assistance, or visit www.venuescape.my to take a look at potential wedding venues!

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