Beauty Product Launch Venues in KL

This is for you, beauty and makeup lovers out there, brands and people alike. It takes a lot of time to look good and thanks to cosmetics, we all can have our Amy Winehouse moment! While we are busy applying makeup, these brands put in so much effort to ensure they launch and introduce their products to the world, with a bang! Here are some venues which are suitable for beauty product launches and events in Kuala Lumpur.




Recently, Cornerstone played host to Stylecon Asia which featured Internet sensation, BubzBeauty, a regional style-centric event that toured 4 cities in South East Asia to bring together beauty lovers, fashion enthusiasts and style makers.

Cornerstone was a perfect fit with its floor-to-ceiling glass panels which kept everyone on their toes and stayed attentive throughout the entire event. Dress the space further by adding cocktail tables for an evening function.

Seating capacity: 250 pax.

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Slate At The Row




Slate exudes such modern industrial and contemporary vibes and we can’t see why it wouldn’t be fit for a product launch. Previously hosted Sephora’s beauty event, Slate is an ideal space for brands to dress this space up as they have a bare venue, almost following a minimalist theme and design.

Seating capacity: 250 pax.

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Glasshouse At Seputeh



Sephora, (almost) every girl’s favourite beauty shop, had a beauty event in Glasshouse and it was as spectacular as you imagined it to be. Their existing interior is without a doubt stunning on its own but Sephora elevated it further with bright and vibrant colours!

Glasshouse allows ample of natural lighting to enter from their floor-to-ceiling window panels and this is more than perfect if you’re looking to demonstrate some makeup techniques!

Seating capacity: 450 pax.

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Qliq Hotel



Located in Empire Damansara, Qliq is a unique hotel that has a salt water pool! This is ideal for brands with an aqua theme or those which promotes natural ingredients in their products! Their poolside is ideal for private product launches to be held. Shiseido launched their new range of sunblock in Qliq and it definitely clicked with their theme!

Seating capacity: 30 pax

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Sunway Nexis


Now, don’t look down on this venue! There’s nothing a great set up that can’t do the trick. Sunway Nexis is a great concourse area that can withhold a large capacity and is the perfect space if you’re intending to have a launch or beauty event which is opened to the public. Not only do they have ample space for booths and makeup counters, they also have ample of parking spaces for all your guest!

Seated capacity: 300 pax

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Ciao Ristorante



You’ll definitely not regret hosting your upcoming beauty product launch here! The venue itself is already beautiful on its own. Just dress it up with some balloons, pretty lights and of course, a photo booth and it will be perfect! Ciao has a few different spaces which can we used for a beauty event. If you’re looking for an outdoor space, Ciao has a covered canopy area which overlooks the golf course.

Seated capacity: 300 pax

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The Aura


For a smaller scale beauty session, The Aura has an ideal space which is perfect. Having no pillars within their venue, it becomes ideal space to have multiple different seating arrangements according to your own preference. If you’d like to set up some beauty booths, The Aura has an outdoor space which is able to accommodate it!

Seated capacity: 6o pax.

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