Makeup Looks For Every Occasion

Okay, let’s be real for a second and admit that most of us want to look glamorous from head to toe at any occasion. As if dresses and shoes aren’t hard enough, we have to worry about hair and makeup. “What look am I gonna go for?” “Will this be too much or too simple?” “What if I look like a clown?”. Well, ladies, there’s always two ways to it – subtle or bold. Check out some of the tips we have for you!



If you’re not used to having too much makeup or prefer the au naturel look, we have a few amazing ideas for you! Whenever people think of makeup, they think it’s NECESSARY to apply a lot of it to look pretty. But we beg to differ as you don’t have to smack on layers of different products in order to look good.



If you’re afraid of having too much makeup on your face that will be ruined halfway through your event, don’t worry because you can definitely pull it off! That and also, if you want all the attention to go to your dress then this is the look! Go for nude lips and eyes, draw on some eyeliner and voila! You’re good to go!

Soft Glam

Cat Eye venuescape-makeup-look-ideas-for-every-occasion-nikkietutorials-cateye

Now, who said that a cat eye cannot be subtle? Of course, it can! No one is asking you to go crazy with them eyeliner! Use your favourite palette to create this subtle cat eye look and still look pretty natural!



We don’t think anyone would dislike vintage! Clothes, accessories, and even makeup! Of course, if you’re uncomfortable then you can skip the crazy false eyelashes.


Now, if you dare to go full on glam then bold is definitely for you! If you want to try bold makeup for the first time, go ahead! BUT please remember what the occasion is and if you’re gonna sweat a lot, make sure you set the makeup with a finishing spray. Wouldn’t want all that glam to melt off, do we? If you’re afraid to do your own makeup you can either get a friend to do it or reach out to makeup artists instead!

Cut Crease

This can be pretty tricky if you don’t have a lot of practice, so why not spare yourself the trouble and head on to weddingsmalaysia and check out their makeup artists!

Smokey Eyes


Alright, we all know that smokey eyes can get very messy sometimes. Even if it is supposed to look that way, it’ll get a little bit too messy. So don’t go too crazy if you’re not confident. Then again, you can ask a favour from your good friend or check out Bridal Glam on!

Cat Eye


Celebrity Inspired


If you still can’t find a makeup look which you like, go on the and search for a celebrity inspired makeup tutorials! They can never go wrong with that red carpet glamorous look! Plus, you don’t even need a red carpet to look as glam once you’re done with the masterpiece on your face!

That’s all for this round and we hope you guys enjoyed that piece! If you’re looking for a venue for your upcoming celebration or event, don’t hesitate to call or WhatsApp us at 016 – 7200 347  for immediate assistance or visit to source for a suitable venue.


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