6 Tips To Increase Event Bookings For Your Space

Here’s an insider tip from us, venue specialist! Being in this line of business, we’ve noticed a growing amount of spaces out there which are available for events ranging from birthday to meetings and weddings. If you’ve got an extra space which is underutilised, RENT IT OUT and start cashing in extra money for rainy days (pun intended)!

Be active on social media.


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In today’s digital age, you MUST have a digital presence. There’s no excuse for not being on any social media platform because they are literally free and is your marketing tool in this case. Start by creating a Facebook and Instagram account. Constantly keep it updated with new pictures, promotions and information.

Give clear and concise venue description.

The last thing you want is to confuse your potential customers and chase them away. Be clear about what your venues includes and excludes from the start and this can range from food and beverages, tables and chairs, air-conditioning, wifi, etc. This way, viewers will be able to build a better idea of what to expect when booking your space and they’d also be able to manage their expectations. It would be best if you have a FAQ page!

Use high-quality photos.

As cliche as it sounds, pictures do speak a thousand words and if you’re going to introduce your venue, make sure it speaks to potential customers in volumes. Try taking your images during the day when the lighting is better. If you’d like to go the extra mile, use a wide angle lens to better showcase your space.

Create a video to engage your audience.


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We’re not talking about shooting a professional video. A simple one for starters is more than enough to showcase your space. If it’s more convenient, use your smartphone and start recording clips of your space. Highlight what are the unique features of your space and take your audience on a tour! There are plenty of editing apps you can use to combine your clips, add music and effects if necessary. Steal some ideas from the video below!

Have a virtual tour.

If you’ve got extra cash to spare, consider investing in a virtual tour. What is this you may ask? In layman’s term, it is an interactive interface which allows viewers to virtually take a walk-through or a tour of your venue in the comfort of their own home without time and space interference. Here’s a cool example!

Attend to event enquiries ASAP.

Be prepared to receive event enquiries at odd hours of the day, think 4am in the morning 😛 . We’re not asking you to get back to them the minute they enquire, but it would be best to provide some form of reply within 12 hours to show you take their requests seriously!

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