Easy DIY Photo Booth Ideas

Having a photo booth at an event is the in thing right now and it is definitely something you shouldn’t miss out on! Let’s get started on how to DIY one. Here’s a fool-proof guide from us!


First up, you’ve got to prepare the backdrop because it sets the stage of your backdrop. A rule of thumb, make sure it is 6 feet x 4 feet. This will match the majority of camera formats and you wouldn’t have to worry about it being out of proportion. Make sure your backdrop takes center stage and here’s some ideas below for you to steal!


Props / Frames

Next up, prepare props which will compliment the backdrop and also the theme of the event. This sets a fun tone and there are so many different types of props you can prepare! Think about funny cardboard messages to costumes and more!



Once you’ve thought about your backdrop and props, move on and figure out where you should place it. Here’s where lighting comes into play. If you’re not planning to use the flash, find the sun and let the natural lighting do its job. This is a crucial aspect which should not be overlooked or else all your effort will go to waste.


Camera & Tripod

If you’re relying on the camera to do its job without a cameraman in place, use a tripod and make tape marks on the floor for consistentcy!


Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?! If this is too much for you to handle on top of other things you’ve got to prepare for your event, try using Fotobox for your next event. Fotobox is a self-operated fully branded digital photo booth which is equipped with the sharpest photo capturing ability with auto-exposure and liquid crystal technology for perfect pictures, real-time integration with social network coverage!


If you’re planning for a more interactive medium, they’ve also got other products which can create GIFS with music, how cool is that?! Drop a request here to hire them for your next event!

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