How To Be A Bride On A Budget

First off, congratulations on being off the market! Now that you’ve got your whole life ahead of you with the man of your dreams, it’s time to celebrate being man and wife! We know weddings can be expensive,  but let us at Venuescape give you a tip or two about being a budget bride.

DIY as much as possible.

When we say that, we meant all thing, everything! Things like, wedding invites, wedding favours and decor can easily be prepared if done in advance. Download a beautiful template and print your wedding invites on your own or maybe send e-invites if you’re considering being thaaaat cheap! We’re not judging 😉


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Wedding favours need not be expensive, something simple and representative of your union as a couple like your favourite cookie would do the trick. If you want to go that extra mile, bake it with love for all your guest! While DIY-ing decoration for your wedding might take up a big chunk of your time, think about how much you’re saving from it and keep yourself going!

Keep your guest list to a minimum.

This might be a tough one to follow, especially if you’ve crossed paths with so many different people up till this point in life. If you’ve got Asian parents who would like to invite your entire neighborhood, we wish you good luck and all the best in dealing with that! 😛


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For the rest of you, spend an evening or two and reflect on the friendships you’ve formed with others. If they’ve invited you to their wedding, it is only courteous of you to do the same! For all your acquaintances which you do not value as much, the best cover up we can provide you with is that you’re having an intimate wedding 😀

Buffet spread > Sit down dinner.

Having a buffet spread over a sit-down dinner would be gentle on your wallet. Instead of a fancy 5-course dinner, opt for a buffet spread which is more casual. You’ll need fewer waiters and your guest will have more options!


Do take into consideration of different dietry requirements your guest may have. Vegetarian, non-dairy and non-seafood option is a must for all weddings!

Opt for fake flowers instead of real flowers.

Flowers alone may add up to a few thousand dollars, why not save that money and splurge on your honeymoon instead! We think that fake flowers would be a great alternative and better yet, you can keep them as a home decor piece after.


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If you’re creative enough, go ahead and experiment with your own flower arrangements. If you need help, there’s always Youtube!

Forget about having a Cartier wedding band or Vera Wang wedding dress.

A girl can dream, she certainly can. But what’s the use of investing in a dress you’re only going to wear once if you can barely afford it? Maybe investing in a wedding band is more practical you might think, well – not really if you still don’t have excess cash for it!


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Splurging on designer goods for your wedding day may be what you have dreamt of but let’s be real and bring ourselves back to our humble reality. Spend on what you’re able to afford and if would still like to stinge, rent your wedding dress!

That’s all we’ve got this time. We hope you found this guide to be useful! If you need a wedding venue, visit for an extensive list of venues! For immediate assistance, Whatsapp or call +6016-7200 347 and someone from our team will assist you!