DIY Centerpieces For Different Occasions

There are times when we just want to get creative or simply save up for something better, so we don’t have to spend a fortune on amazing centerpieces we only use ONCE. So, here are some inspirations to get that creative juice flowing to create the most amazing centerpiece for different occasions!



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From a rustic jar of all things Christmasy, to a snow globe inspired candy jar and treats jar – we love them all! Christmas is a time where we allow ourselves to eat all we can because THE FOOD IS GREAT! Can we also take some time to appreciate how cute the snow globe inspired ginger man jar is? How does anyone have the heart to eat that?!

New Year’s


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You can perk up the ways to countdown to New Year’s Eve. Heck, if you have some extra wine bottles laying around, spray them with gold paint and dip the quarter bottom of the bottle in gold glitter, then stick the ‘2017’ on the bottles!



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Instead of just bouquets of flower, why not step beyond the line and make a floral initial! It’ll definitely be a beautiful centerpiece AND you can display it in your room after the party!

Bridal/Baby Shower



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Mini Hot Air Balloons for a baby shower! Who would have expected that? It’s quaint and you can either paint it blue/pink to reveal the baby’s gender! Terrariums are also great for baby and bridal shower because it adds character and gives a feminine touch. Plus, a part of nature always adds that tinge of comfort to any event.



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We are absolutely loving the flora jars! They’re such a unique and charming touch. There are plenty of wedding centerpieces you can recreate, especially after looking a decent amount on Pinterest, it’s definitely going to give you a creative rush! If you’re looking for more ideas, you can look them up here.

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