Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Venues In KL

A pre-wedding shoot is very crucial as it allows your photographer to understand the both of you as a couple and most importantly, to know how you want your photos to look like. Now, we can leave that to you guys to figure out but let us save you the trouble of finding the venue. We came up with a listicle of great pre-wedding photoshoot venues in KL!

1. Skypark RAC Hangar


Photo Credit : MamiPapi

Isn’t it just beautiful? There are plenty of pre-wedding photos taken at a Skypark! You’ll be surprised at how great the photos turns out! Book them here!


Photo Credit : Hello Muse


We’ve always seen those amazing photos of a pianist and his/her lover! You can always recreate them with a piano lounge! Bobo KL happens to have a beautiful *magical* one! Read more on how it can take your breath away here and book them here.

3. Setia Eco Templer Ballroom venuescape-prewedding-photo-shoot-idea

Photo Credit : Google Image


Have you seen the latest trailer for Beauty and the Beast?! Imagine recreating that for your pre-wedding shots! Ahhh, exquisite! Book them here to create your magical dream photos. Finally, after all those years of dreaming for the perfect Disney moment right?

4. Acappella Hotel’s Skylawn


Just look at that beautiful space and goodness, that view! It would be such a waste to not have your pre-wedding photo taken here. Here’s a hint: imagine taking the photo at a bird’s eye view. Save your date here quick!

5. Glasshouse at Seputeh 


Photo Credit : The Wedding Scoop


The Wedding Scoop took such alluring shots of the model and Glasshouse at Seputeh, so can you imagine the result of your photos. The photos have already spoken to you, so just save your date to amazing photos for this venue here.

We hope this listicle helped you out and if you’re interested in book them then give us a call at +6016 7200 347 or visit our website, to look for more potential venues! Till next time!


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