Things You Need To Perfect Your Christmas Party

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”    

– Edna Ferber

In a blink of an eye, it’s going to be December! Planning a Christmas party is never easy, we know and we feel you. You’ll most likely either be hosting or be invited to one so might as well start planning now! Let us help you out so here’s a guide on the few things you need to perfect your Christmas party!

1. Christmas Food


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What is Christmas without amazing Christmas treats and homemade eggnog or inspired smoothies! Fruitcakes are a classic and maybe cookie ‘n’ cream smoothies will perk the little ones up!

2. Putting Up The Right Christmas Decors


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You know exactly what we are talking about. Garlands, Wreaths, Christmas trees, Ornaments and the stockings (we cannot forget the stockings!) – the basics, simple yet beautiful. If you’re feeling creative then DIY some of your own! There are plenty of easy ones like boughs (if you don’t have enough space for a tree!) and centerpieces!

3. Secret Santa


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Gifts gifts gifts! With all this planning, we still have to worry about gifts! But then the joy of giving just makes it all worth it! Secret Santa is always fun especially when most of us don’t have the time (or moolah) to shop for every single person. In that way, we can focus on one. If you want to make things easy, you can get everyone ugly Christmas sweaters, it may be ugly but it’s very festive!

4. Set The Mood


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With the many Christmas songs available to us, sometimes you just don’t know which one to pick. It can be really frustrating, BUT you can never set the wrong mood with the classic Christmas carols AND some Soulful Christmas tunes! It’ll even make our Christmas Scrooge want to sing along to them.

5. Christmas Movies


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There are PLENTY of Christmas movies you can choose from – Elf, Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas get the drill! Another great alternative will be reminiscing over past family holiday home movies!

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"The fondest memories are


It's less than a month till Christmas, you better start planning your Christmas party before your pr