Great Themes For Corporate Events

There are ways to avoid your next corporate event from being boring. Of course, it’s important that you have a great VENUE, amazing canapes/food, and excellent service. Another brilliant thing to draw focus on can be the theme of your event! So here are some awesome themes you can get inspiration from for your next corporate event.


venuescape-corporate-event-theme-ideas-italian-masqueradePhotos Credit : Google Image

A classic theme but it still never gets old. You can make things interesting by putting out a contest for ‘Best Masquerade Mask’ or ‘Best Masquerade Costume’. IF the venue is great on its own, then just add those elegant lighting and beautiful ceiling drapes.


Venue suggestion: Puteh at Subang. Book them or request for a FREE quotation here.

Just imagine dressing this outdoor space with marquee tents and fairy lights, you’ll get a replica of the first picture above!


venuescape-corporate-event-theme-ideas-moulin-rouge-cabaraetPhoto Credit : Google Image

While most of us know of Moulin Rouge the movie, it actually means cabaret. Red colour schemes, vintage detailing and the exciting entertainment! If you really want to invest in this theme, give the movie a go!


Venue suggestion: Glasshouse at Seputeh They’re off the charts right now, so book them or request for a FREE quotation here quick!

While beautiful on it’s own, remember to play around with textures and materials like velvet, sequins, feathers to right dramatic and over the top atmosphere.


venuescape-corporate-event-theme-ideas-vintage-circus-set-upPhoto Credit : Google Image

Since we barely have any carnivals for us to attend here, it becomes the perfect reason to bring the carnival to our doors. Plus, if it’s going to be a large group, a carnival theme is great as your guests won’t feel a tiny pinch of boredom!


Venue suggestion: Setia City Convention Center (Hall 1 & 2). Book them or request for a FREE quotation here.

This is Setia City’s NEWEST event space which accommodates up to 8000 pax! A carnival themed event would be perfect here as there is enough floor space for props, settings, and seating areas.



Photo Credit : Google Image

In this era, almost everyone loves a good party and rave parties! Fill the night with amazing bands, then end it with AWESOME DJ’s on the decks for a rave party!


Venue suggestion: The Merchant Live at Armada Hotel. Book them or request for a FREE quotation here.

Trust us, this is not your average Red Box karaoke room. It’s a more glamorous space which comes with a dart machine AND a pool table. The perfect combo for bonding, letting loose and enjoying yourselves!


venuescape-corporate-event-theme-ideas-futuristicPhoto Credit : Google Image

Definitely a unique theme that’s hardly been done and it’s great as 90% of people will want to attend the event! A good way to bring out that inner Yoda in you..maybe. It’s the lighting that makes a world of difference!


Venue suggestion: Slate At The Row! Click here to book them or request for a FREE quotation.

Look how similar Slate resembles the futuristic theme? With an existing foundation which is almost identical to the theme, all you’ll need are those LED lighting and light sabers to take it up a notch!


venuescape-corporate-event-theme-ideas-workshop-industrialPhoto Credit :

Don’t underestimate this. Despite how it sounds, the rustic and industrial setting is perfect for companies which are in this field of work. Besides, it gives off that nice cafe feel. Just add on some dim lights and you’re all good! If you feel that it’s too much, then you can just have this setting in the center, which can double up as a photo wall.

So those are the few ideas we had in mind. If you are in need of assistance to plan an event, buzz us at +6 016 7200 347 or visit www.venuescape.mySee you there!


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