Ready To Pop The Question? Here Are Some Unique Ideas!

When it comes to kneeling down on one knee and giving a whole story on how much you want to spend the rest of your life with her, sometimes it just gets hard. All because you simply want it to be perfect. We thought of saving you from the headache. So here are some unique proposal ideas that will inspire you!

1. The Cute Way


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If your woman likes pets, then it would be the most adorable proposal idea to buy her a pup or rabbit with the ribbon tied around its neck, along with the ring! If you guys already have a pet then use that little cute thing instead!

OR, customized marshmallows because they are SO CUTE as well! We know of a company in Malaysia which specializes in this area, ChubbeeCloud. Check them out and order your customized box of marshmallows for your proposals today!


2. A Cracker


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Okay, so you’re planning to propose around the festive season. The great way to go about this is to hide the ring in a (let’s say) Christmas Cracker. All you gotta do is make sure she gets that specific one. Wouldn’t wanna let another person get it, right?

3. Serenade Her 


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Alright, men, listen up! IF she’s in love with your voice then this is THE proposal idea for you! You can go for a nice picnic, then start off with a few of her favorite songs then sing your proposal to her! Goodness, how romantic is that?

If you’re wondering where would be the best place to serenade her, Bobo KL’s Piano Lounge would be the PERFECT fit! Not only is it a private and exclusive space, but the venue is dreamy and romantic. If you’d like to book this space for that special occasion, request for a FREE quotation here!


4. Glow-in-the-dark 


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Sounds weird? That’s the whole point! Get those glow in the dark stickers or spray paint, spray/stick it on a huge manila cardboard and hang it on the room wall or stick it to the ceiling! So she’ll sure to see that message before she heads to bed!

Alternatively, you can pop the question at night once the sun has set! Light up the wordings up with candles and it will be romantic AF! Skyloft at Zell-V will be your PERFECT venue as it is not only an outdoor venue but also one which comes with an amazing view of both KL and PJ’s skyline.


If you’re interested in booking this venue, request for a FREE quotation here.

5. Theatrical


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You know what? MAKE A SCENE! Especially when your lady loves musicals and wishes one day she’ll get to burst into a random song in public! You can do it in public or bring to her to a local theater and have a beautiful set up done and propose there and then. While you’re at it, you may want to perform her favorite musical number too!

So, those are the few proposal ideas we thought of! If you’re looking for a perfect venue to propose, or host your engagement party, you know you can count on us. Give us a call or WhatsApp us at +6016 7200 347  for further assistance, and feel free to visit to browse through amazing venues! Ciao!