The Ladurée Themed Baby Shower is Gorgeous!

This beautiful and luxurious French bakery and sweets maker house with dreamy pastel scheme – such a gorgeous theme for a baby shower indeed. Nothing can beat something as beautiful EXCEPT the arrival of a newborn! Here’s the Venuescaper’s Guide to carry out the Laduree Themed Baby Shower fittingly:



People always say that first impressions are extremely important. So, why not go all out for the invitations and make it Ladurée theme as well! It’s like a little tease for the party, leaving your guests in awe and curious!


laduree-themed-baby-shower-venuescape-invitation-venue-glasshouse-at-seputehGlasshouse at Seputeh

You NEED to find the perfect venue for a Ladurée themed party! While Glasshouse at Seputeh will be more than perfect, Acappella Suite Hotel‘s Skyforest is more than a perfect fit if you’re looking for that rooftop view!

acappella-hotel-skyforest-shah-alamSkyforest @ Acappella Suite Hotel



What is a Ladurée themed party without macaroons?! Macaroons are the key here! They may be too pretty to eat sometimes, but when you’re done admiring them and you do eat it, it definitely is unforgettable! Also, you could utilise your used and empty Ladurée as table decor! And we have the perfect place to source out them macarons – Chef Nathalie Arberuille of Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio makes only THE best macarons we have ever tasted. Get in touch with them here for free.



 Nothing compliments a Ladurée party like pastel tassels and balloons! A pretty darn good combination if you ask us! Our personal favourites have to be the pink and lilac combination!


laduree-desert-tableImage credit:

Jazzy French instrumental or classical? How about both? It’ll definitely give your guests an overwhelming experience!



We think you get the vibe by now – all quirky and cute things will fit this theme flawlessly. So for your party favours, go for beautifully scented vanilla candles or even pretty pastel sweets that are too pretty to eat!


laduree-dress-codeImage Credit:

Last but not least, get everyone to dress the part! Anything pastel, floral and classy! It’ll definitely be the most beautiful themed party!

This will be one amazing baby shower! If you’re in need of assistance, call us at +6 016 7200 347 or browse through more venues on and don’t be shy to hit that ‘Request for Quotation’ button as our services are completely FREE. You pay nothing, nada, zero so ask away as we are at your service! Au Revoir!

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