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Driving along Jalan Syed Putra on the way to town, you might have seen Menara Ruyi on your right if you paid close attention. Little did you know, ZELL-V Wellness Hub is housed in this luxurious building. Being Asia’s FIRST one-stop wellness center, they take care of your wellness, fitness and beauty needs from head to toe.


Specializing in stem cell therapy, ZELL-V Wellness Hub offers more than just beauty and health treatments. They’ve got a truly hidden gem upstairs which overlooks the KL city skylines, continue reading if you want to know more about it! Let us walk you through 5 different spaces within ZELL-V Wellness Hub which are great for hosting corporate and private events.

Beginning with the most sophisticated and glamorous Event Hall on the ground floor, this space exudes elegance and class once you step into the hall. The high-ceiling coupled with elegant décor pieces creates a luxurious environment with a sense of exclusivity. They say you should ‘dress to impress’ and this Event Hall is certainly dressed to the nines and ready to host a range of corporate events. If you’re expecting to have less than 100 pax for your event, this Event Hall is ideal for conference, seminar, workshop, private cocktail party and product launches.


For smaller private functions which prefer a space that exudes exclusivity and glamour, you can opt to have your event in their restaurant, Ketuhar, on the 1st floor. Operating as a Malaysian fine dining restaurant, expect to be well fed by a notable chef in town. You can also opt to book out this restaurant at a small price and utilize it for product launches.


Moving upwards to the 4th floor, ZELL-V Wellness Hub has a Multipurpose Hall which is ideal for events with a large crowd. If you must have a brightly lit space, the entire floor comes with full-length window panels, allowing the inflow of ample natural lighting. Their unique ‘U-shaped’ space is perfect for partitioning the area into two different sections. Accommodating up to 500 pax in total, here’s where seminars, workshops and conferences can be held. Also, with ample of floor space, yoga and fitness events would also be ideal.



You can find Olmeca Talent House on the 5th floor and that’s where you can get creative. Their full-length mirrors and windows, spacious and brightly lit space invites you in to host beauty related workshops, dance classes and video or photo shoots.


Moving on to their hidden gem, tucked away on the 12th floor, the highest point of the building. The Sky Loft comes with an indoor glass house which is well air-conditioned and nicely decorated. Bamboo shoots décor below the ceiling and oversized furniture with neutral colour scheme creates a warm tone which tempts you to host an event here. A mini counter on the side is perfect for preparing food and drinks.


If you’re expecting more guest, the spacious outdoor area is every ready to be utilized. Fully equipped with basic sound and lighting system including some spotlights, here’s where you can play host and have a birthday party, wedding proposal and private dinner as well. Events which are held after dusk will be able to enjoy a view of KL city from afar.



ZELL-V Wellness Hub welcomes all types of events to be held in any of their 5 spaces. Being a wellness center, it is best if the event respects the space and understand the need to be silence in common areas like the lobby.

In case you’re curious about what other services available within ZELL-V Wellness Hub, they’ve got postnatal rejuvenation for those who are seeking to recuperate after birth, a spa and massage center for the aching and fatigued body, a nursery and childcare, breast enhancement center and hair saloon to name a few.


Take a virtual tour of ZELL-V below for an unforgettable visual experience and book them HERE!

We hope you enjoyed this article. Drop us a comment if you think there are event spaces or venues that we should know about. Contact us today at +6016-7200 347 or if you would like to do it more formally, head over to and drop us a request!


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