Toss To The New Year At Acappella Suite Hotel

Looking for the perfect venue to celebrate Chinese New Year with your family might be a challenging task, especially if your family members are scattered around the Klang Valley. Heading down town is out of the option as nobody likes getting stuck in traffic. We suggest for you to go against traffic and head over to Shah Alam instead!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Shah Alam area, let us suggest for you to swing by Acappella Suite Hotel and you’re guaranteed to be in good hands. This boutique hotel has been around for over a year and they’re unlike any other hotels we’ve been to.

There are a few different event spaces in Acappella Suite Hotel and here’s where you can host your Chinese New Year family dinner, Number 8 Cafe.

This cafe sits on the ground floor and is a modern and elegant space which is perfect for family reunions. If you’re all about that auspicious number, you hit jackpot with this one! Dressed up with lanterns and pussy willows just for the festive season, you’re bound to get into the festive mood with your family here.

Now here comes the most important part, loh hei! As far as we know, you’re supposed to toss it as high as possible while reciting auspicious phrases, wishes and more. Before we get to that part, did you know that there are also some auspicious phrases to say as you add certain ingredients into your yee sang platter?

Follow this guide below for a prosperous year ahead!




Don’t worry, they did not forget to include a fish dish in the menu because ‘Nian Nian You Yu’They know how important it is for a Chinese family to have a fish dish during the new year as fish represents abundance, so here’s plenty of fish to spare and share year after year!


While Acappella Suite Hotel won’t be offering take-away yee sang this year, their Number 8 Cafe will be operating in full-force for Chinese New Year. Make your pick between the Jade Prosperity Menu at RM888+ or Gold Abundance Menu RM1288+ and book them now to avoid disappointments!



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