What You Can Expect When Hiring Nathalie Gourmet As Your Caterer

You probably have heard of award winning Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille of Nathalie Gourmet Studio. She’s famous for her macaroons but did you know you can hire her catering services for your next event?! Here’s what you can expect when you hire her catering services for your birthday party, wedding, product launch or cocktail party!

Quality food

Chef Nathalie believes in providing quality food to each and every customer and that’s exactly why you should have her as your caterer! Using fresh and quality ingredient is key to producing a nutritionally balanced meal and that’s what Chef Natalie practices. You might think that this leads to a boring and mediocre catering because how beautiful can your broccoli or fish look if you’re all about serving a nutritionally balanced meal?! Well, this leads to the second point.


Roasted Lamb served with Lamb Mint Jus and Grill Polenta and roasted Vegetable.


She doesn’t compromise on her presentation and you can expect top notch food plating from her team of experts. We can guarantee you that you’ll get a good flat lay out of it because we’ve seen it and done it! In today’s digital age, food presentation is key and you can place your trust in Chef Nathalie that you’ll get Instagram-worthy pictures during your event.


Food is customised  to the event theme

You heard it from us, your menu is exclusively created for you depending on your theme and occasion. Don’t worry about having the same food serves to your guest because she assures you that will never happen. Also, speaking about customization, your food presentation will be matched to your theme – how perfect is that?!


Mont Blanc NEO Concept Store opening in KLCC.


Audemars Piguet in-store event at Starhill Gallery.


Hublot Roadshow at KLCC.


Emilio Pucci’s Cocktail Party.


Louis Vuitton’s Cocktail Party.

Professional waiters

The last thing you would want is having your food served by waiters who stick out like a sore thumb during your event. Rest assure, this will never happen when Chef Nathalie is in charged because all waiters are required to be in formal black attires for that polished look! Also, this is why it is recommended that you engage with their waiters instead of hiring your own!


BONUS! If you intend to have a dessert spread or bar, trust Chef Nathalie to take care of all aspects of aesthetics, flavour, presentation and scent! Let her work her magic and you’re bound to have a beautiful display to tempt your guest!


The dessert spread for Louis Vuitton’s Cocktail Party.


The dessert spread for Roger Viver’s Cocktail Reception.


Dessert section for Randstad’s Conference.


The dessert spread for BMW’s Auto Fair.

Chef Nathalie doesn’t only cater to high-end or corporates who are looking to have a cocktail party or product launch. If you’re planning to host a sit down annual dinner, wedding or birthday party, she’d be able to accommodate all your needs!

To learn more about Chef Nathalie, read more about her here. Or, hire her for your next event, here! Go ahead, and click it. It is an absolutely FREE request for a quotation. Or contact us at +6016 7200 347 for immediate assistance or visit our website at for more venues.


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