Tips And Tricks On Hosting The Greatest CNY Party

Chinese New Year gatherings may be one of the best festive season that we Malaysians look forward to! First of all, the angpau and it’s the second most wonderful time of the year to spend MORE quality time with our family and friends! The Chinese usually host big family gatherings for a more symbolic meaning – the merrier the house during the New Year, the more good luck it brings throughout the year! So here are some tips and tricks on hosting the greatest CNY party to make sure you got that luck flowing in your crib!

1.The Appearance


Oh please, of course the venue is important. It has to be bright, breathtaking and filled with lots of red and orange hues!

2.  Laisee


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In other words, angpau! Woohoo! It’s really just like Christmas but this time, the elderly will be giving them out to the unmarried folks and the young ones. So make sure you have a lot packed for all the little ones and friends. Plus, it is believed to not only bring good luck to you but to the ones that you’re giving to as well. Hint: Make sure the amount you’ve packed is an even number.

3. A Feast

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As important as the Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinner is, it is crucial to prepare a mouth-watering traditional Chinese meal for your guests as well. Just make sure that dishes you whipped up, each has a symbolic meaning that supposedly bring you and your guest prosperity and wellness. Also, remember to stock up all your juices, carbonated drinks, beer and water, for our healthy friends out there!

4. Card Games

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Oh my goodness! The Chinese believe that gambling during Chinese New Year is great for the celebration too! This is because everyone’s laughter will fill up the house with joy, and that’s all they want for this time of the year.  A house can never be quiet during CNY, it’s very unlucky. So remember to prepare a few decks of cards!

Well, that’s that for our tips and tricks for a grand CNY celebration! If you’re not confident to pull off one, let us do it for you! Just give us a call at +6016 7200 347 or visit to look at more amazing venues!