Here Is A Guide To Chinese New Year Traditions

CHINESE NEW YEAR! A joy to us all (for those who celebrate and for those who will be able to plan holidays)! Not only do we love the snacks, the wonderful time with family and friends, and of course, the ‘ANG PAU’! So are you ready for all of that? Have you been preparing the necessities for the year of the Fire Rooster? Well, just in case, if you missed out on any of them, let us help you out with that!

Door Decoration


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Red and gold banners with New Year messages of good luck on your doors and of course, around the house! Plus, there are a variety of decorations now, which we love. Won’t hurt anyone by sticking a few quirky Rooster banners too! Hey, if you want a pop of greenery, just add some lucky bamboos, and stalks of pussy willows!

Spick and Span


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This is EXTREMELY important before welcoming the New Year! The Chinese believe that you’re cleaning out all the bad luck and welcoming the New Year with a nice clean house!



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Fireworks are the best! The more, the merrier! Fire them up at 12AM on New Year’s Eve to embrace the New Year and ward off the evil spirits. Did you know, that it is believed that the person who lights it up will be brought good luck throughout the year. So guess we all know who wants to light them up now, huh?

(Please ensure safety all around and ensure young children aren’t standing in the way)

Marvelous Dinner


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THIS IS WHAT WE ALL LOVE DURING THE NEW YEAR’S EVE! Who doesn’t love food right? Did you know the Chinese carefully carve out the perfect ingredients which have a symbolic meaning? More than just a reunion dinner right?

Tray of Togetherness


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This tray is filled with all the good stuff – sugared sweets, dried fruits and nuts! YUMS. Nothing like having things for your guests to snack on while filling the house laughter.

Well, if you don’t mind, we’re going to check if we have all of those listed! If you have more stuff to add on our list, go ahead and comment below! On another note, if you’re having trouble finding the perfect venue for your upcoming event, give us a call or Whatsapp us at +616 7200 347 or visit! See you there!



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