Top Wedding Styles You Can Never Go Wrong With

People think it’s pretty easy to plan a wedding but that’s not entirely true! Weddings are HARD, particularly when there are SO many choices of wedding styles! So here’s the Venuescaper’s Guide on the TOP wedding styles you can never go wrong with, ever!

Simply Elegant


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Clare Boothe Luce said, ““Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”” We couldn’t agree more! This style is for you lovebirds who appreciate simplicity. So, a beautiful naked tiered fondant cake, white drapes, a hint of blush accents and of course a beautiful venue setting should do the trick! Naturally, the pair will pick a venue space that will speak for itself, like Glasshouse at Seputeh or Puteh at Subang!



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You guys must love everything whimsy! Bright and vibrant attracts you like a moth to a flame! We don’t blame you. They’re always a grand statement and we see why it’s a mode you can’t go wrong with! An exuberant soirée is what you guys need, even after a bubbly and bright wedding!

Bohemian Rhapsody 


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According to the dictionary, rustic brings the meaning of – an unsophisticated country person. Oh, no way honey! Now, rustic can be elegant as well! Rustic style weddings are so beautiful because it has the country side element. We tend to forget how beautiful nature is, and what better way to celebrate your love than in a rustic theme? You can never go wrong with succulents, flower crowns, gemstones, fairy lights and velvet decors!

Dark Glamorous


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Oh please, who said that weddings have to be white? Black doesn’t have to bring the meaning of death. It is also associated with elegance and formality! This is for those who are fond of the finer things in life. Deep colours paired with sparkling accents, and chandeliers! Talk about The Great Gatsby inspired much!

Alright, those are the top wedding styles you can’t go wrong with! Which one screams you? Now, if you’re not convinced that you can pull this off by yourself, then give us a call at +6 016 – 7200 347 or browse the amazing venues on! and request for a FREE quotation immediately. Yeap, at no extra cost or charge to you.


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